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Suppliers of solder pastes, wave soldering liquid fluxes and SMT adhesives and cored solder wires for all soldering requirements.

Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Adhesives/Dispensing, Soldering

Established in 1964, KOKI have developed and introduced numbers of cutting edge soldering materials ever since.

Today, amid rapidly evolving electronics industry, we, as a manufacturer of soldering materials, are requested of technological advancement, environmental friendliness, and compliance.

With that in mind, we are actively advancing soldering technologies of next generation, such as halogen-free flux, anti-cracking, and low melting point solder alloy, in addition to existing high quality soldering materials. We KOKI, as a group of professionals specialized in soldering technologies, are eager to contribute to the development and advancement of the global soldering industry with latest technologies, quality excellence, and valuable services to provide.

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“Hybrid” High Reliability Low Ag Solder Paste

Tokyo, Japan – Koki Company Limited, global manufacturer and supplier of soldering materials, announces the release of new low Ag containing halogen free solder pastes that secures the equivalent joint reliability and heat profile to SAC3...

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