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Apollo Seiko provides soldering solutions for all sectors of automation starting with hand soldering through complete pass-thru conveyorized systems.

Repair/Rework, Selective Soldering

Apollo Seiko was founded in 1969 by George Kawaguchi. Mr. Kawaguchi identified a need to automate the labor intensive process of hand soldering. The goal was to increase output and quality by providing a repeatable robotic process. Since this time, Apollo Seiko has patented many advances in selective solder technology including iron tip design, solder feeding techniques and integrating Nitrogen to provide a low cost, lead free soldering solution for both robotic and hand soldering applications.

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L-CAT NEO - Next Generation Selective Soldering Robot

The L-CAT NEO can be designed for either a stand alone or in-line soldering process. This next generation soldering robot will communicate with computer and smart devices for easy management. This is the next generation robot which has...

Selective Soldering

L-CAT NEO - Next Generation Selective Soldering Robot
Smart Factory Starter Kit - KIC

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