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Beijing Glichn S&T Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier for SMT, PCB, THT and BGA rework station. our main products are spin coater, BGA station, reflow oven, p&p machine, stencil printer,microscope.

Contract Manufacturer

As electronic industry development, surface mount technology and through hole technology are more and more known and used in the market. Beijing Glichn S&T Development Co.,Ltd devoted itself to supply perfect machines covers surface mount assembly process from PCB prototype to middle volume assembly.
At the beginning times, we sales some manual PCB assembly equipments like manual stencil printer, pick and place machine and others, but not for long; Beijing Glichn has covers automatic SMT assembly, BGA rework station, automatic through hole equipments. We provide PCB prototype and semi conductor equipments to research, university and small production assembly; at same time Glichn provide automatic LED screen printer, reflow oven, pick and place machine, PCB magazine loader, PCB unloader, wave solder machine and SMD  component counter, solder paste mixer, PCB rack holder, lead forming machine, lead cutting machine and to large batch printed circuit boards enterprises. 
We also offer technical data, convenient sales consultation, on-site training, annual maintenance and one-year warranties for each system and product we sell.
Working with us, you will experience the best serves every users needs, reasonable pricing, on time delivering and after-sale service. We believe that joining with us is pleasure and valuable.
Welcome to find your best equipments.

Beijing Glichn S&T Development Co.,Ltd Postings

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SMD Component Counter C200 / Motorized Reel Counter

High-Speed, High-Precision SMD Component Counter By using the principle of photoelectric sense, C-200 Series Component Counter(SMD Counter) can take the advantage of the relations between the reel holes and the parts and count the ...

Component Counters / SMD Counters

SMD Component Counter C200 / Motorized Reel Counter

wave solder machine LF250/lead free wave soldering

Lead Free Wave Solder Machine Wave solder machine LF250 with perfect performance, complete with flux spray system, preheating, wave solder and cool modules. LF250 adjustable dual wave solder machine series lead free process of t...

Wave Soldering

wave solder machine LF250/lead free wave soldering

PCB magazine unloader MU4533

Multi magazine unloader/PCB unloader Magazine unloader/PCB unloader is designed for loading of PCBs. The unit loads your production line automatically by pushing PCBs out of a magazine onto the conveyor of the down-stream machine....

Board Handling - Conveyors

PCB magazine unloader MU4533

Bench top reflow oven SR352C

Item: Bench top reflow oven SR352C Brand: GLICHN Model: SR300C Features: A High precision, multi function; 0201 Resistance, capacitance, Diode, Transistor, fine pitch QFP、 SOP、PLCC、BGA、CSP and other components can be sol...


Bench top reflow oven SR352C

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Glichn wave solder machine with bench-top and lead free model LF230A

Aug 03, 2012 | Glichn wave solder machine with bench-top and lead free model LF230A is one of new breakthrough products in August of 2012. Titanium alloy material is applied in the lead free solder pot, soldering capacity is 85kg; Standard design is foam system in the desk wave soldering machine. “But we get many customers’ requirement that spray system on the wave solder machine, so Glichn technical department design another spray fluxer system on the bench-top lead free soldering machine. It is technology break for us.” One of engineers said.

Reflow oven with new design and software update

Jul 29, 2012 | Glichn has expanded its reflow oven series dedicated to bench top solder oven. Included are updates of existing software and different PCB size that combines high performance with easy operation and economical benefits.

ADJUST-A-VAC Vacuum Tweezer for fragile components, wafers, MEMS devices tweezers

X-Ray Inspection Systems Scienscope