XJTAG provides a full range of JTAG products to help you debug board designs with BGAs, test hardware that includes FPGAs, CPLDs, DSPs or microprocessors.

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XJTAG is a leading supplier of IEEE Std. 1149.1 compliant boundary scan development tools. Its JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) development system offers a highly competitive solution for designers and developers of electronic circuits. Utilising XJTAG allows the circuit development and prototyping process to be shortened significantly by facilitating early test development, early design validation, fast development of functional tests and test re-use across circuits that use the same devices. XJTAG is based in Cambridge, UK, and is part of the Cambridge Technology Group.

XJTAG was the first boundary scan solution to offer a common platform for use by design and development engineers, test engineers, contract manufacturers and field test engineers, providing testing of not only JTAG-enabled devices but non-JTAG devices as well.

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XJLink2-CFM - Boundary Scan for Teradyne TestStation

Improve test coverage and reduce cost. The XJTAG XJLink2-CFM adds the power of XJTAG’s boundary scan solution to the Teradyne TestStation, giving test access to hard-to-probe parts of a board. Both JTAG and non JTAG devices, ...


XJLink2-CFM - Boundary Scan for Teradyne TestStation

XJLink / XJLink2 — USB 2.0 to JTAG interface

XJLink and XJLink2 are small, portable, USB hardware devices that provide a high speed interface (480Mbps) to the JTAG chain on a circuit board. The small, lightweight design means the XJLink or XJLink2 can easily be moved to the Unit Unde...


XJLink / XJLink2 — USB 2.0 to JTAG interface

XJAnalyser — Graphical Circuit Interaction

XJAnalyser is a powerful tool for real time circuit visualization and debugging. It provides a graphical view of JTAG chains, giving you complete control, on a pin-by-pin basis, of both pin state (either driven as a...


XJAnalyser — Graphical Circuit Interaction

XJDeveloper — Advanced graphical interface

XJDeveloper is a graphical application that allows you to quickly and easily set up and run tests on your circuit. With XJDeveloper you can reduce your time to market by reusing your test scripts all the way through the product de...


XJDeveloper — Advanced graphical interface

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Boundary Scan Skews Test Coverage Tradeoffs in your Favor

Aug 23, 2007 | Dominic Plunkett, Chief Technology Officer, XJTAG, Ltd.

The complexity and programmability of modern embedded boards means that knowledge built up during debugging and testing must be regarded as Intellectual Property (IP) and therefore preserved. But many of the processes and tools used today do not provide a means to preserve or pass on this IP, and thereby forego valuable opportunities to save time and improve quality during subsequent stages of product development....

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Free XJTAG DFT Assistant Offering for Mentor Xpedition Customers

May 10, 2018 | The new XJTAG DFT Assistant for Mentor Xpedition is a free plugin that provides engineers using Xpedition with an easy-to-use interface to find and correct potential JTAG testability problems at the schematic capture stage, long before the PCB is produced.

XJTAG Announces DFT Assistant for Zuken CR-8000 PCB design suite

Feb 22, 2018 | Zuken® and XJTAG® have released a free plugin that will enhance Zuken’s CR-8000 Design Gateway with a design for test (DFT) capability improving test coverage by allowing additional design checks during schematic entry.

Systech Europe and XJTAG offer enhanced testing

Nov 08, 2017 | XJTAG, a world leading supplier of boundary scan technology and Systech Europe, a leading European provider of electronic test solutions, today announced the availability of an integrated solution using XJTAG boundary scan and Takaya’s flying probe system.

Electronics Test Development gets faster with XJTAG Boundary Scan v3.6

Sep 29, 2017 | XJTAG, a world leading supplier of boundary scan technology has launched a major update to its flagship software, XJDeveloper. XJTAG v3.6 includes several new productivity and automation-focused enhancements, allowing engineers to setup tests for even the most complex boards in significantly less time.

Flying Test Systems increases Test Coverage with XJTAG

Jun 07, 2017 | XJTAG today announce the signing of a joint Technology Partner Agreement.

XJTAG DFT for Mentor Graphics PADS

Mar 14, 2017 | Developed by XJTAG®, the free software for PADS® Schematic Design will significantly increase the Design for Test and Debug capabilities of the schematic capture and PCB design environment.

XJTAG Introduces Live Signal View with Improved Multi-Core Support and Increased Productivity

Dec 01, 2015 | XJTAG, a world leading supplier of boundary scan technology, announces the release of Version 3.4 of its Development System, which introduces major improvements in the visibility into complex systems during all phases of electronic product development and manufacture.

XJTAG Releases Boundary Scan for Teradyne TestStation

Oct 20, 2014 | XJTAG today announced the release of the XJLink2-CFM and XJLink2-CFMx. The new modules provide Teradyne users with integrated access to XJTAG’s powerful test and programming tools, operating under the control of the TestStation™ test program.

Massachusetts Governor welcomes XJTAG investment in the US

Mar 24, 2011 | Last week at the Mansion House, XJTAG announced the opening of its first overseas office in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick, congratulated XJTAG CEO, Simon Payne on the company’s investment.

XJTAG now available with a free Layout Viewer

Mar 16, 2011 | XJTAG today announced the release of XJTAG version 2.5, which now includes a free layout viewer. The XJTAG Layout Viewer has been designed to improve productivity by allowing engineers to quickly visualise the exact location of faults.

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