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fuerda electronic material co., LTD

Provide Siemens, panasonic JUKISMT consumables and placement machine accessories

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs, Antistatic, Pick and Place, Equipment Dealer / Broker

Siemens motor Nozzle Feeder

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西门子3*8二手feeder,料号;00141099-04 有需要联系...

Pick & Place

销售松下402 8MM、12mm feeder,吸嘴

销售松下402 8MM、12mm feeder,吸嘴,有需要联系 ...

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fuerda electronic material co., LTD

上海, 210037

  • Phone 18621885699
  • Fax 0086-021-20375658

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Siemens, panasonic juki SMT accessories sales

fu er da electronic material co., LTD

yang gao north road 536, room 601 pudong shanghai
shanghai, 210037, China

  • Phone 18621885699
  • Fax 021-2037568
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