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GOEPEL Electronic

Vendor of systems for Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), 3D X-Ray Inspection (AXI)and 3D solder paste inspection (SPI). The company's inline and stand-alone AOI systems won several "Best in Test Awards"

Inspection, Test Services, Turnkey, Training / Education

The German company GOEPEL electronic GmbH ( is a leading vendor of electric and optical test and inspection systems for electronic components, PCBs as well as vehicle control units.
The company was founded in 1991. In addition to the more than 200 people, who work in the company’s headquarters in Jena/Germany, GOEPEL electronic runs several support and services offices in Germany, France, the UK, China, India and the USA. More than 300 additional specialists ensure the local and on-site support of GOEPEL electronic’s products via the worldwide distribution network.

GOEPEL electronic has continuously been ISO9001 certified since 1996. The Company’s products won several awards in recent years and have been used by the leading companies in telecommunication, automotive, space and avionics, industrial controls, medical technology and other industries.

GOEPEL electronic’s business units:

• JTAG/ Boundary Scan Equipment – Embedded System Access technologies
• Automated Optical Inspection Systems (AOI)
• Automated X-ray Inspection Systems (AXI)
• Automotive Test Solutions
• Functional Test Systems
• Digital Image Processing incl. Solder Paste Inspection Systems (SPI)

GOEPEL Electronic Postings
16 products »


SCANFLEX® is a revolutionary new hardware platform, created to enable for extended Boundary Scan tes...



The uniqueness of this JTAG/Boundary Scan Workbench has been maintained over the years through conti...



ChipVORX is a new in-system technology for the configuration and control of chip embedded test, debu...



VarioTAP is a revolutionary technology for pattern streaming on TAP (Test Access Port) signals compl...

TAP Checker


The innovative tool suite enables the automatic generation of simulation vectors and test patterns f...



The SCANBOOSTER™ product family complements the existing spectrum of SCANFLEX® solutions by an indep...



PicoTAP is the world's smallest JTAG/Boundary Scan Controller and perfect for learning Boundary Scan...

CION Modules


During the development of the CION™ technology, GOEPEL electronic focused on customer recommendation...

Boundary Scan PXI Modules


In the recent years, PXI has established its position in the test and measurement industry, especial...

Boundary Scan Probe


The Boundary Scan Probe serves as a handheld tool for debugging of UUTs and JTAG/Boundary Scan de...



JTAG/Boundary Scan as an innovative DfT method requires respective scanable components on the unit u...

SCANFLEX Board Grabber


The SCANFLEX® Board Grabber is a universal tool to hold JTAG/Boundary Scan UUTs and modules. ...

Boundary Scan Coach


How to stimulate and observe board- and system-level interconnects with Boundary Scan? ...

OptiCon BasicLine


Stand-alone AOI System for manual loading and flexible PCB adaptation The OptiCon BasicLine A...

OptiCon AdvancedLine


Inline AOI System for flexible inline integration The OptiCon AdvancedLine AOI system’s...

OptiCon THT-Line


The OptiCon THT-Line AOI system provides a parallel inspection of THT components and THT solder j...

2 technical articles »
Void Detection in Large Solder Joints of Integrated Power Electronics

Dec 06, 2012 | Patrick Schuchardt

Inspection of integrated power electronics equals sophisticated test task. X-ray inspection based on 2D / 2.5D principles not utilizable. Full 3D inspection with adapted image capturing and reconstruction is necessary for test task.... First published in the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference proceedings. ...

THT in-line Inspection: Contradiction or greater Efficiency?

Jul 22, 2010 | Jens Kokott

The utilisation of Automated Optical Inspection systems has become an integral part in quality assurance of electronic assemblies. Depending on batch size and product mixture, AOI systems as Inline integration or as a stand-alone solution benefit efficien...

7 news releases »
eXception integrates GOEPEL electronic's Boundary Scan into Teradyne Test Station

Jul 20, 2011 | The British Contract Electronics Manufacturing Company eXception EMS has simplified and integrated Boundary Scan solutions into mainstream test strategy by incorporating equipment from GOEPEL electronic into a Teradyne test station.

GOEPEL electronic supports Picochip in testing next Generation 'Small cell' Baseband chips

Jul 13, 2011 | GOEPEL electronic has developed special VarioTAP® IPs for testing the new generation femtocell chips in cooperation with Picochip. The solution enables dynamic processor emulation tests (PET) for fault detection and diagnostic on board and system level, as well as supporting embedded Flash programming.

GOEPEL electronics runs 9th UK Technology Day in 2011

Mar 22, 2011 | GOEPEL electronics will run its 9th UK Technology Day. This event will take place on the 5th May 2011 in Duxford. The seminars will be covering latest developments, applications and outlooks in JTAG/Boundary Scan, Functional Test and optical inspection technologies.

GOEPEL electronic improves in-system Programming Capability of Flash Memories

Mar 10, 2011 | GOEPEL electronic announces the market introduction of another feature within the frame of the emulation technology VarioTAP®. The new option enables the utilisation of fast process-oriented communication interfaces such as LAN or USB2.0 for data transfer, in particular solving the throughput problem in programming massive Flash images.

GOEPEL electronic extends BSDL Testbench to Multi Chip Modules and 3D Chips

Mar 09, 2011 | GOEPEL electronic, world-class vendor of JTAG/Boundary Scan solutions announces the availability of a new option in its recently introduced EDA software TAPChecker™. Multi-Chip Modules (MCM) and 3D chips are now supported, allowing testbench generation for VHDL, Verilog and STIL output formats.

TAPChecker™ is based on a modular platform architecture with central database and individually licensable modules for data import and export as well as automatic test vector generation.
Cooperation between GOEPEL electronic and DM&P enables new Test Strategies for x86 System-On-Chip

Mar 03, 2011 | GOEPEL electronic has developed special VarioTAP® IPs for testing VORTEX x86 chip series in cooperation with the Taiwanese Company DMP.

Source:  DM&P (
Fast Generation of production-oriented AOI Programs

Feb 26, 2011 | The newest version of GOEPEL electronic's AOI system software features a special highlight. An integrated debug statistics captures AOI relevant variations in the production process and provides them for statistical evaluations.

GOEPEL electronic’s OptiCon systems can be applied for Automated Optical Inspection of assembled PCBs before as well as after the soldering process.

Contact information

GOEPEL Electronic

Goeschwitzer Strasse 58/60
Jena, 07745

Visit GOEPEL Electronic website

UK Subsidiary

GOEPEL electronics Ltd.

Unit 1A, The Old Granary
Westwick Cambridge
Cambridge, CB24 3AR, United Kingdom

  • Phone +44 1223-858298
  • Fax +44 1223-257800

US Subsidiary

GOEPEL electronics LLC

9737 Great Hills Trail
Ste. 170
Austin, TX 78759, Texas, 78759, United States

  • Phone +1 512 782 2500
  • Fax +1 734 471 1444
  • E-mail

Asian Subsidiary

GOEPEL electronics Asia, Ltd.

Unit 223A, 2/F Core Building 2
Hong Kong Science Park, .
Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T, China

  • Phone +852 6192 2151
  • Fax +852-2810-4494
  • E-mail



9737 Great Hills Trail, Ste. 170
Austin, Texas, 78759, United States

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