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Creative Electron Inc

Creative Electron is the largest US manufacturer of x-ray inspection systems for electronics. We proudly design and manufacture the award winning TruView X-Ray family of products.

San Marcos, California, USA

Inspection, IPC Standards Certification Center, Software Manufacturer

  • Phone 7607521192
  • Fax 760-752-1196

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BGA Inspector Description:

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The BGA Inspector standalone tool allows you to perform a complete BGA analysis on any computer platform.

BGA & QFN Inspection Made Easy!

The new BGA Inspector is a standalone software tool capable of analyzing images from different radiography systems. The BGA Inspector is unique in its ability to quickly and easily producing the results you need to validate the quality of your BGA assembly.

As Easy as 1-2-3

Follow these 3 easy steps to analyse your BGA or QFN assembly:

BGA Inspector Setup Tab

Step 1 - Load the image into BGA Inspector (Setup Tab) and click on "Start Ball Analysis". This step will draw boxes around each ball in the image.

BGA Inspector Ball Detection Tab

Step 2 - Set the limits for pass/fail for the size of each ball using the threshold setting in the "Ball Detection" tab

BGA Inspector Void Detection tab

Step 3 - Set the limits for pass/fail for the void area in each ball using the sliding bars in the "Void Detection" tab. Once completed, click on "Generate Report" to product a complete report of the results obtained.

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