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TWEEZER-VAC® Elite Vacuum Tweezer

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Virtual Industries, Inc.

A leading supplier of manual vacuum handling solutions to the worlds high technology firms.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Component Preparation, Inspection, Repair/Rework

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TWEEZER-VAC® Elite Vacuum Tweezer Description:

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Eliminate damage caused by mechanical tweezers.  Our soft-touch single-point vacuum tweezer will help you eliminate damage and increase productivity. The TWEEZER-VAC ELITE was developed as a result of customer concerns about firmly grasping critical components and not dropping them due to  a vacuum leak.  This vacuum tweezer uses an integrated ten segment bar-graph-display visibly shows the vacuum level present during operation. The bar graph will show minimum vacuum pressure until a part is grasped and then when a part is grasped the bar graph displays the vacuum level presented to the part being handled. Additionally, the vacuum port integrates a user replaceable inlet filter that protects operation of the tool from dust particles.

This Vacuum Tweezer is available in various kits depending on your handling application.  Kits are available in 110 or 220 volt operation.

The TWEEZER-VAC® ELITE 110 or 220 volts models come complete with the following accessories/features: 5 feet of coiled vacuum hose (VCH-2.5MM-5-BLK), a set of ten PUREACLEAN™ blue, non-marking vacuum cups (VCS-10-PUR), ESD ground connection is by three wire power cord, and a push-button release vacuum pick-up handle (VVP-200-2.5MM).

This ESD safe Kit Includes:

  • 5 feet of coiled vacuum hose
  • A set of nine vacuum tips.
  • Five vacuum tip holders on top of tool.
  • A vacuum pick-up handle.
  • Bar graph power-on and vacuum-level indicator.
  • Rubber no-skid feet.
  • ESD ground connection is by three wire power cord.
  • Produces vacuum of up to ten inches of mercury.
  • Optional: Foot switch for component release
Quantity Pricing Available - Please call (719) 572-5566 for more information

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