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SMD-VAC-HP Bench Top Vacuum Tweezer System

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Virtual Industries, Inc.

A leading supplier of manual vacuum handling solutions to the worlds high technology firms.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Component Preparation, Inspection, Repair/Rework

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SMD-VAC-HP Bench Top Vacuum Tweezer System Description:

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Features of The SMD-VAC-HP, V8100A

SMD-VAC-HP System 110 volt - With Foot Switch, Vacuum Pens, Small Parts Tips and Magnifier

SMD-VAC-HP, runs on 12 VDC @ 500mA w/ solenoid. Additional pick-up power for handling small to very large size components. The precision pump and motor generate over fifteen inches of mercury. The compact tower design takes up a very small footprint on the bench. An electric eye pen holder on the side automatically shuts the unit off when the vacuum pen is placed in it. A jack on the rear of the V8100A series allows use of the optional foot or hand switch to control vacuum during pick and place operations.

  • V8100A-PUR SMD-VAC™-HP for 110 or 220 Volts
  • V8100A-FS-PUR SMD-VAC™-HP with foot switch, for 110 or 220 Volts

The SMD-VAC-HP comes complete with the following features:

  • Quiet operation.
  • 5 feet of coiled vacuum hose, (VCH-1/16-5).
  • A set of seven PUREACLEAN™ vacuum tips, (VCS-7B-PUR).
  • A vacuum pick-up handle, (VVP-200).
  • 12 volt DC power source.
  • Lighted power on indicator.
  • Automatic vacuum pump ON/OFF control.
  • Rubber no-skid feet.
  • Grounding connection on rear of unit.
  • Produces vacuum of up to fifteen inches of mercury.
  • Auto voltage switching DC power supply.
  • Replaceable intake filter on front of unit.

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