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Count On Tools, Inc.

COT specializes in high quality SMT nozzles and consumables for pick and place machines. We provide special engineering design service of custom nozzles for those unique and odd components.

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Pick and Place, Repair/Rework, Contract Manufacturer

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Count On Tools Contract Manufacturing and Contract Machining Division

Count On Tools has been the ORIGINAL source for quality nozzles and associated consumables in the electronics manufacturing industry since 1991. Our nozzles and associated consumables are in use at many of the world's leading electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies. We are also the premier manufacturer of custom engineered nozzles for odd shaped, oversized, or custom components. Don't ever make the mistake of picking and placing the wrong nozzle manufacturer, choose a company you can COUNT-ON!

We also maintain and support a strong position in the hand tool industry offering the highest quality hand tools in the world with PB Swiss Tools . These PB Swiss Tools compliment any and all high tech environments requiring optimum performance from both their equipment and technicians.

Market Focus: Our Company sells and services world class customers in six key market segments: Assembly/Automation, Automotive, Aviation, Medical, Manufacturing, Electronics.

Custom Nozzles for PCB Manufacturing

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Siemens Ceramic Nozzles

Pick & Place

The new series of Siemens ceramic replacement nozzles are revolutionizing the pick and place indu...

Juki Nozzles

Pick & Place

Count On Tools has been a manufacturer of high quality, low cost nozzles and associated component...

Mydata Nozzles

Pick & Place

The new series of Mydata replacement nozzles, for both the Midas and Hydra mountheads, are the on...

Assembleon/Yamaha Nozzles

Pick & Place

Our new durable TiN process provides nozzles with longer life and more reliability. Titanium nitr...

Panasonic CM 402 & 602 Nozzles

Pick & Place

We are now offering a complete line of Panasonic CM-402/602 Nozzles. These include the following ...

Custom LED Nozzles & Pick Up Tools

Pick & Place

Count On Tools specializes in custom engineered nozzles for all types of LED, Lamp, and bulb comp...

Fuji Nozzles

Pick & Place

We have a wide selection of the Fuji nozzles. We also offer custom engineering to standard nozzle...

StripFeeder Trays

Pick & Place

Why purchase expensive feeders for each component when you only need to place a few at a time? ...

ezLOAD PCB Support System

Pick & Place

Count On Tools Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, introduces t...

1 technical article »
SMT Preventative Maintenance: Nozzles

Apr 23, 2009 | Zach Shook, Marketing Director; Count On Tools, Inc.

No SMT equipment can place accurately and run efficiently without quality nozzles and feeders. These two factors are the core of the pick and place process. If the machine is either unable to pick parts consistently or hold on to the components during the transport from feeder to PCB, defects will result. ...

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Count On Tools Offers ASM Siplace Discontinued 702/902 Nozzles

Apr 16, 2014 | Count On Tools Inc. (COT)announces that it offers the discontinued 702/902 nozzle for ASM Siplace equipment.

702/902 nozzle
Count On Tools Inc. Saw Great Success at the IPC APEX EXPO

Apr 15, 2014 | Count On Tools Inc. (COT)received great customer feedback at the recent IPC APEX EXPO.

Count On Tools Adds a Service Excellence Award to Its Repertoire

Apr 11, 2014 | Count On Tools Inc. (COT) announces that it has been awarded a 2014 Circuits Assembly Service Excellence Award for its outstanding customer ratings, as judged by its own customers.

Mike Buetow presented the award to Curt Couch
Count On Tools’ StripFeeder Series Hits Triple Crown with NPI Award

Mar 26, 2014 | Count On Tools Inc. (COT) announces that it has been awarded a 2014 NPI Award in the category of Automation Tools for its StripFeeder Modular (.mod) System version 2.

Count On Tools Announces Support Plates for the ezLOAD Board Support System

Mar 25, 2014 | Count On Tools Inc. (COT)announces the release of the new support plates for its line of ezLOAD Board Supports.

Support Plates for the ezLOAD Board Support
Count On Tools Expands Selective Soldering Nozzles for Pillarhouse Equipment

Mar 22, 2014 | Count On Tools Inc. (COT) announces that it now offers ID threaded versions of the Pillarhouse AP universal nozzles for its entire line of selective soldering machines.

Selective Soldering Nozzles for Pillarhouse Equipment
Count On Introduces PB Swiss Tools’ VDE-design Torque Tools

Mar 07, 2014 | Count On Tools Inc. announces that PB Swiss Tools, a leading partner for quality tools worldwide, has released the newest generation of PB Torque Tools with MecaTorque VDE design for work on electrical devices.

 MecaTorque VDE
PB Swiss Tools Launches SwissGrip Stubby Screwdrivers

Mar 05, 2014 | Count On Tools Inc.announces the release of PB Swiss Tools’ SwissGrip Stubby screwdrivers.

 PB Swiss Tools’ SwissGrip Stubby screwdrivers
Count On Tools Introduces SAE Rainbow Hex Keys from PB Swiss Tools

Mar 03, 2014 | Count On Tools Inc.announces that PB Swiss Tools now offers SAE Hex Keys (allen keys) that are color-coded according to size and function in its Rainbow assortment.

 PB Swiss Tools’ Rainbow© Series
Count On Tools Releases MecaTorque Line by PB Swiss Tools

Feb 27, 2014 | Count On Tools Inc. (COT)announces the launch of PB Swiss Tools’ MecaTorque tools. This new line of analog torque wrench screwdrivers is simple, reliable and safe for application.

PB Swiss Tools’ MecaTorque tools

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