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Akrometrix is a Georgia-based company founded in 1994 to provide services and equipment to measure and resolve thermo-mechanical surface flatness issues in manufacturing and assembly operations, most notably in the production of electronic circuit substrates and components. Its pioneering technology was based on the research of Dr. I. Charles Ume, a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). Akrometrix licensed and commercialized the application of Dr. Ume's technology, which today serves as a crucial component in the production, and continued miniaturization, of advanced electronics products.

Akrometrix has become the industry leader in real-time metrology emphasizing resolution of thermo-mechanical issues at all levels of electronic materials production, components fabrication and assembly processes.

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TherMoiré AXP - Flatness Measurement and Analysis System


The TherMoiré AXP is a modular metrology solution that utilizes the shadow moiré measurement technique, combined with automated phase-stepping, to characterize out-of-plane displacement for samples up to 400 mm x 400 mm. With time...

TherMoiré AXP - Flatness Measurement and Analysis System
LineMoiré Platform - Automated Flatness Inspection System


The substrate (PCB/chip-carrier/silicon/etc.) is literally the foundation upon which over 90% of value-added processing is performed in the microelectronics supply chain. Substrate flatness compliance is being driven by first pass yield objecti...

LineMoiré Platform  - Automated Flatness Inspection System
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Comparing Techniques for Temperature-Dependent Warpage Measurement

Mar 13, 2008 | Dr. Jiahui Pan, Ryan Curry, Neil Hubble and Dr. Dirk A. Zwemer, Akrometrix.

Three full-field optical techniques, shadow moiré, fringe projection and digital image correlation (DIC), are used to measure temperature-dependent warpage for a PBGA package and a PCB component land site from room temperature to 250ºC. The results are qualitatively similar, but imaging resolution and noise properties create offsets between coplanarity values. The paper summarizes strengths and weaknesses for each technique....

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