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Stencil clean rolls

Stencil clean rolls

Stencil clean rolls


Stencil clean rolls



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SMT Express

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Taastrup, Denmark

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Stencil clean rolls Description:

Hyperclean  is a truly unique and innovative SMT stencil clean roll. No other product on the market can match the credentials of Hyperclean stencil cleaning. Your surface mount process will be more effective, you will save money and increase yield.

  • 100% Polypropylene fibres thermally bonded.
  • PP manufacture has lower greenhouse gas emissions than other synthetic fibres.

  • PP manufacture is low energy use and low carbon footprint with no toxic waste.
  • High potential for recycling with low conversion energy.

  • High calorific value for incineration and clean burning.
  • Hyperclean fibres are hydrophobic and so there is no possibility of swelling when liquids are absorbed.

  • Hyperclean is the same wet or dry so no machine jams.
  • Solvent spreads across the surface very fast staying on the surface where needed with potential solvent savings.

  • Lint free and so will not block the stencil.
  • The fibres are random NOT unidirectional giving better cleaning performance.

  • The fabric traps solder paste within the fibres and so there is no potential for contamination when the paste dries.
  • The fabric is static dissipative and so will not generate a significant charge

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