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Offers training software and videos. Also on site training and seminars that qualify for CEUs to maintenance, engineering and management professionals.

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Also offers industrial training video courses, world class interactive training software, powerpoints and much more. Over a hundred industrial training products for maintenance, engineering and manufacturing management. Site licenses available too, see ... Popular training products ... Also free online assessments, articles, whitepapers and more. Just connect with us on any of the popular social media outlets... LinkedIn - Twitter - Blog - Youtube - Ning - Google - FaceBook - SlideShare - Flickr

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Online Infrared Training Center

Thermography is use in a broad range of applications. Thermography is used routinely for NDT, PPM, PdM and Condition Monitoring for electrical and mechanical systems, buildings and roofs, boilers and steam systems, and process equipment. <...


Online Infrared Training Center
PID Tuning Blueprint Kit (Professional)

PID Tuning Blueprint Ebooks and Software Download Simplifies tuning PID oops and provides many PID tuning tips. Description:  Over 88 pages with PID Calculator and PID Simulator The PID Tu...


PLC Simulator Training Software

PLC Simulator Software Teaches Troubleshooting PLC Controls and Circuits PLC - Programmable Logic Controller Training Troubleshooting PLC Circuits: Win 10 down to XP, compatible software (64bit or 32bit)<...


PLC Simulator Training Software
On-site PLC Training Workshop

Business Industrial Network provides on site, customized Program Logic Controller (PLC training), for your maintenance and engineering staff. This is yet another way we are responding to our customers needs. Our survey of over ...


Industrial Electrical Training Video Library

(Electrical Control Circuits, Motor Controls, and PLCs) 10 Industrial electrical training videos, handbook, instructor's guide, exams and course completion certificate.


4 technical articles »
Programmable Logic Controller vs Programmable Automation Controller

Apr 03, 2013 | Don Fitchett

PLC vs PAC Difference & PAC Automation Controller Defined: This PLC vs PAC Difference article defines the PAC automation controller in relationship to the PLC. A PLC vs PAC comparison. Even more importantly, this article explains in great detail the need to differentiate when it comes to requesting and delivering PAC and/or PLC training....

Management of your company's PLC automation risk.

Jun 01, 2012 | Don Fitchett

PLCs are the brains of your operation. When the PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) is not functioning properly, lines shut down, plants shutdown, even city bridges and water stations could cease to operate. Thousands to millions could be lost by one li...

Recession survival tips on how and why not to cut training.

Jun 01, 2012 | Don Fitchett

Recession survival tips on how and why not to cut training. ... About the methods for US Manufacturing Industry to adjust for the knowledge vacuum caused by retiring baby boomers with training, while dealing with tight training budgets during a recessio...

PLC and SCADA Networking Security Solutions

May 31, 2012 | Don Fitchett

Industrial network security solutions essential to today's PLC - SCADA security. Lack of security on an industrial network could cause a serious threat to the system, to the personnel involved in it, in fact, production machines networks without proper se...

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BIN Acquires Koldwater Software, an Electrical Controls Training Software Company

Oct 29, 2015 | St. Louis, MO--St. Louis based Business Industrial Network ( announced today that it has acquired Koldwater Software Co. (
New Free PLC Networking Basics Course

Feb 10, 2014 | New interactive youtube video course. This little mini video course on "PLC Networking Basics" uses a Controllogix and WiFi" has an associated free powerpoint and a free online assessment.

Becoming an Industrial Electrician

Apr 01, 2009 | Residential Electricians Find Ready Industrial Career Pathway in Road to Becoming an Industrial Electrician.

Smart Training Opens More Doors
How the US Manufacturing Industry Deals with Recession

Jan 14, 2009 | US Manufacturing Industry to adjust for the knowledge vacuum caused by retiring baby boomers with training, while dealing with tight budgets during a recession.

Denver Technology Center Area's New PLC Training Workshop

Jun 18, 2008 | Business Industrial Network (BIN) opens a new venue for their eighth year running PLC training workshops. Their newest location venue is Denver Colorado's acclaimed Denver Technology Center area.

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