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Manncorp BT300NCP Batch Reflow Soldering Oven

Manncorp BT300NCP Batch Reflow Soldering Oven

Manncorp BT300NCP Batch Reflow Soldering Oven


Manncorp BT300NCP Batch Reflow Soldering Oven



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For nearly five decades, Manncorp has supplied electronics manufacturers with the world’s best values in PCB assembly equipment, direct to the customer, at the industry’s most competitive prices, and with full service and support.

Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, USA

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Manncorp BT300NCP Batch Reflow Soldering Oven Description:

Nitrogen-Ready, Lead-Free Desktop Reflow Oven

Reproduces profile curves, collects & stores process data

The high temperatures required with lead-free soldering can damage sensitive components. One way to mitigate that risk is to reflow in a nitrogen (oxygen-free) atmosphere.

BT300NCP Features

  • Connect an inert gas supply to the reflow oven to prevent oxidation of metal surfaces during heating.
  • Includes integrated gas delivery with built-in flow control for oxygen-free reflow.
  • Sample leaded and lead-free solder profiles included.
  • Suitable for leaded and lead-free solders.
  • PCB holder measures 9.05" x 14.57" (230 mm x 370 mm).
  • Soldering time is approx. 6 minutes (dependant on paste), plus cool-down.
  • Quick heat-up: three minute warm-up time.
  • Simple programming: set temperatures according to the solder paste's recommended profile.
  • Easy operation: place the PCB on the holder, close the drawer, press RUN.
  • PID temperature controls for ±2°C accuracy.
  • Windows®-based profile management software included.
  • Reproduce solder paste manufacture recommended profiling curves by specifying up to 40 sequential temperature setpoints with included software and an optional PC.
  • Attach a thermocouple to the PCB being processed to view, save and print hard copies of real-time thermal profiling data (PC required).
  • Analyze temperature graphs post-reflow with point-and-click temperature comparison (PC required).
  • Create and store a full library of profiles (PC required).
  • Comprehensive spare parts kit included.

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