PT. Mandira Jaya Abadi

PT. Mandira Jaya Abadi was established in 1981 and engaged in consulting, contracting and construction in Indonesia, mainly in defense, security, aviation, and education sectors.


We were established in 1981 and engaged in consulting, contracting and construction in Indonesia.

We have been providing support to various unions, institutions, departments and training centers throughout the country where the sectors of education, defense, security, aviation and meteorology became our main business fields.

We believe that our success in many different business sectors due to the variety of stengths that we have:

Our experience for nearly three decades has made us very aware of the situation or working environment in the scope of government institutions and also understands what it takes to succeed.
Our willingness to keep on learning and do not turn a blind eye to the developments in technology and learn on how to use it for the satisfaction of our clients.
The dedication and ability of our staffs in carrying out tasks to satisfy our clients
Collaboration with international partner companies who work closely with us to provide products and services for client satisfaction.

Our objective is not only aim to be a successful contractor, consulting and construction company, but also a leading competent player in every field of business so that we concentrate on to enable us in deliver more added value to all the products, training and after sales service on any system or goods that meet or exceed our clients expectations.

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