Seratel Ltd.

Seratel produces computer systems to aid electronics manufacturing. Our systems can help you with component counting (SMD and loose), labelling, kitting, placement verification, WIP tracking, traceability, product routing and more.

Seratel produces

computer systems for use in electronics manufacturing.

Our products are used by virtually all the top contract electronics

manufacturers, as well as major original equipment manufacturers.

They include -

Reel aMounts

Computer based, high-speed counting and labelling system for electronic


Reel aMounts saves time, saves money and

improves inventory control. It is typically 15 times faster than conventional


Reel aMounts can count tape and reel components, tubes, fan fold,

sequenced components, loose parts, SMT, PTH, connectors, screws, bare PCBs. It

can count components in a feeder, sharing a feeder with other components,

components in a bin. From 0201 to heavy metal pressings for box build, Reel

aMounts can count it, label it, record it, report on it and pass the

information to your ERP system.

Reel Trakker

Provides control and traceability for surface mount stocks and products.

Reel Trakker saves time and money, controls WIP

and guarantees quality.

Reel Trakker is designed to:

- Provide control of WIP inventory at a more detailed level than your ERP

system ever can.

- Reduce movement of inventory around the plant.

- Increase confidence in the production process and your ability to satisfy

customer demand to schedule.

- Free staff from �fire fighting� for more productive work.

Reel Trakker includes:

- WIP control � transaction recording and reporting to manage the movement and

use of components.

- Kitting � to ensure the best use of components.

- Part loading verification � to ensure the correct use of components.

- Traceability � to prove the correct use of components and lessen the impact

of component failure.


Seratel Ltd. Postings

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Information on component usage, attrition costs, batch traceability ... all on your smart phone or tablet

Nov 21, 2013 | Seratel have announced extended reporting capabilities for their “Reel aMounts” component counting and labelling system, bringing the system to smart phones and tablets.

Sony UK Technology Centre installs Seratel's Reel aMounts component counting system

Apr 25, 2012 | Sony UK Technology Centre has installed the Reel aMounts component counting system at their plant in Pencoed, Wales. Reel aMounts provides high speed counting for tape and reel components

Count components still in the feeder, even still in the placement machine

Mar 14, 2012 | Reel aMounts component counting system now counts reels in seconds and reels loaded in feeders, reels in twin-track feeders, even reels loaded in feeders, still mounted in the pick and place machine.

Jabil installs Seratel's Reel aMounts component counting system globally

Jun 25, 2008 | One of the world's largest EMS providers implements Reel aMounts under an agreement covering Jabil world-wide

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