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A-Tek Systems Group LLC

Distributor of the highest quality SMT assembly equipment. Our 45 years of combined experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the premier distributor in the Americas.

Assembly, Cleaning, Drilling/Routing, Soldering, Distributor

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EBSO Selective Soldering

SMT Assembly Equipment Products.

A-Tek Systems Group was established in 2005 to service the PCB electronics market with leading edge assembly equipment that focuses on high reliability and cost efficiencies demanded by today's stringent manufacturing processes.

A-Tek is a national distributor and is factory trained for providing a high level of service and support. A-Tek products include:

  • Asscon Vapor Phase Reflow,
  • Ebso Selective Soldering,
  • Kolb Cleaning Technology Stencil and Board Cleaners, and detergents,
  • Schunk Depaneling and End-of-Line automation cells.

Based in Colorado, A-Tek also maintains spare parts inventory.

A-Tek Systems Group LLC Postings
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Asscon VP6000 vapor phase reflow with vacuum

Asscon's vacuum soldering process combines the advantages of vapor phase with vacuum technology for void free soldering. The VP6000 integrates the vacuum module above the vapor zone. Immediately following the soldering process, the assembly is...


Asscon VP6000 vapor phase reflow with vacuum
Ebso Selective Soldering

The EBSO SPA‐NC platform is a highly flexible, automatic selective soldering cell with manual load/unload handling. There are a number of PCBs that are assembled with thermal sensitive components and complex SMD layouts, which are challenging and ...

Selective Soldering

Ebso Selective Soldering
Kolb PS300 Series Stencil Cleaning

The Kolb PS300 C-Class Cleaners are fully automatic, closed-loop, compact and cost competitive stencil cleaners which are highly efficient and reliable. With an uncontested price-to-performance ratio, the PS300 Series can be configured to mat...

Cleaning Equipment

Kolb PS300 Series Stencil Cleaning
A-Tek LEDepaneler

The NEW A-Tek LEDepanelizer is ideal for singulating metal core LED panels stress-free. The multiple cutter mechanism ensures a smooth and precise cut inside the V-Groove slot. The LEDepanelizer has three pairs of precision beveled blades. The upp...


A-Tek LEDepaneler
1 technical article »
Vapor Phase Technology and its Application

Mar 27, 2013 | Allen Duck

Vapor phase, once cast to the annals’ of history is making a comeback. Why? Reflow technology is well developed and has served the industry for many years, it is simple and it is consistent. All points are true – when dealing with the centre section of the bell curve. Today’s PCB manufacturers are faced with many designs which no longer fall into that polite category but rather test the process engineering groups with heavier and larger panels, large ground planes located in tricky places, component mass densities which are poorly distributed, ever changing Pb Free alloys and higher process temperatures. All the time the costs for the panels increase, availability of “process trial” boards diminishes and yields are expected to be extremely high with zero scrap rates. The final process in the assembly line has the capacity to secure all the value of the assembly or destroy it. If a panel is poorly soldered due to poor Oven setup or incorrect programming of the profile the recovery of the panel is at best expensive, at worst a loss. For these challenges people are turning to Vapor Phase....

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A-Tek Systems To Feature its Latest Advancements at APEX 2015

Feb 16, 2015 | ASYS is proud to announce that several new innovations and products will be shown at the upcoming IPC APEX in San Diego. Uptime is an important factor in any SMT production, as it is a key measurement to judge how efficient a plant is operating. Therefore, ASYS continued the development of PULSE. An entire production line can be monitored not only via a tablet, but now even via a smartwatch called PULSE Wear. Important to note that this is an open interface, so any equipment supplier is welcome to take advantage of it.

Seagate implements Asscon Vapor Phase

Sep 17, 2013 | Seagate Technology is a leading provider of hard drives and storage solutions. Founded in 1979, Seagate employees 50,000 people worldwide and is one of Longmont Colorado’s largest employers. The Longmont operation includes a small prototype design center providing manufacturing services to Seagate engineering teams , and is an integral part in process of taking a product from development to product launch.

Asscon VP450 lab/batch reflow oven
A-Tek Systems Group Introduces the Getech GSR1290 Large Panel Depaneling Machine

Jun 03, 2013 | A-Tek Systems Group is pleased to introduce the Getech GSR1290, the latest stand alone router in the GSR-Series. Getech Automation Pte Ltd is the industry leader in depaneling technologies, with more than 20 years of experience and over 1000 systems installed worldwide to include both stand alone (batch) and in-line (automated) PCB depaneling machines.

Getech GSR1290 Large Panel depaneling machine has the largest processing window available on the market today; capable of handling panels up to 910 x 610 mm (36
A-Tek Systems Group New Product Announcement

Nov 13, 2012 | A-Tek Systems Group is very pleased to introduce the newly re-designed Q300 table top vapor phase reflow machine for release to the North American market.

Asscon Q300 Table Top Vapor Phase Soldering Machine
A-Tek Systems Group Introduces the New Kolb C-Class Cleaners for Both Stencil and Screen Cleaning

May 09, 2012 | A-Tek Systems Group introduces the new Kolb Cleaning Technology C-Class Cleaner Series PS300 to include 4 platforms to chose from: -VL, -VS, -HD, and -CA featuring PowerSpray® technology. The Kolb PS300 C-Class Cleaners are fully automatic, compact and cost competitive without sacrificing cleaning efficiencies and reliability.

The PS300 Cleaner Series  featuring PowerSpray® was  developed by Kolb using high pressure, high volume pumps to spray the cleaning fluid via special jets on to the goods to be cleaned.
A-Tek Systems Group LLC signs a distribution agreement with Kolb Cleaning Technologies

Nov 15, 2010 | A-Tek Systems Group, LLC, an electronics equipment distribution company based out of Berthoud, CO is pleased to announce their North American distribution sales and service agreement with Kolb Cleaning Technology GmbH.

kolb PSB600, a very compact, high-volume PCB cleaner.
A-Tek Systems Group LLC launches new website

Aug 19, 2010 | A-Tek LLC, an electronics equipment distribution company based out of Berthoud, CO is pleased to announce the launch of their brand new website,, a web portal devoted to PCB electronics manufacturing and process improvement technologies.

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A-Tek Systems Group LLC

410 S Sunset Street Unit C
Longmont, Colorado, 80501

  • Phone 970 532 5100
  • Fax 9704439233

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