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Quadra™ 7 X-ray Inspection System

Quadra™ 7 X-ray Inspection System

Quadra™ 7 X-ray Inspection System


Quadra™ 7 X-ray Inspection System



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Nordson DAGE

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Nordson DAGE

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Quadra™ 7 X-ray Inspection System Description:

At the cutting edge of X-ray inspection performance, Quadra 7 shows you features and defects as small as 0.1µm, non destructively.

Quadra 7 is the X-ray inspection and failure analysis tool of choice in a wide range of industries, including electronics packaging and wafer level manufacturing, automotive, energy and aerospace electronics inspection, and medical device and LED fabrication. Choose Quadra 7 to see the clearest features at the highest magnification, today, and for all your products in the future.

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QuadraNTTM, Nordson DAGE’s latest generation X-ray source ensures images are bright, clear and stable, allowing features down to 100nm to be resolved.

  • Resolve features as small as 100nm thanks to QuadraNT™, the latest generation X-ray tube from Nordson DAGE which ensures images are bright, clear and stable
  • Industry leading Aspire FP detector captures 6.7 MP images at 30 fps.
  • Crystal clear images are showcased on two 4K UHD monitors. Conventional HD monitors simply lack the resolution needed for 6.7 MP images.

Simplicity as Standard

GensysTM proprietary control and measurement software integrates advanced image acquisition and processing functions into an intuitive user interface so both routine measurements and advanced, high resolution investigations can be performed with ease.

  • Reduce operator training time with Gensys proprietary control and measurement software. All key functions are a mouse click away.
  • Create CT image slices quickly and easily using X-Plane, and find hard to see defects such as interfacial voids faster.           

Maintenance Free

The QuadraNT X-ray source uses proprietary filament free technology, so regular preventative maintenance visits are not required, reducing your downtime and running costs.

  • Minimize downtime. The QuadraNT X-ray tube requires no regular maintenance or filament changes.
  • Lifetime repeatability as standard. Since the filament is never changed, inspection imagery is clear and repeatable, today, tomorrow and year after year.
  • Oil free. QuadraNT uses an oil free ion pump to maintain vacuum which never requires an oil change.

Quadra 7 is supported by a wide range of accessories including the µCT stage for creating 3D models with at µm level accuracy, the heated stage for recreating reflow oven conditions so solder process can be watched in real time.

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