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Manufacturer of high precision cleaning products and services for all required applications in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Cleaning, Test Services, Training Provider

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MPC® Technology's cleaning properties allow a wide application range and power the complete removal of all contaminants from electronic substrate surfaces.

ZESTRON is the global market and technology leader for cleaning products and services for high precision cleaning applications. With the expertise gained through more than 25 years experience in precision cleaning, we develop customized solutions for your specific cleaning applications.

ZESTRON's unique MPC Technology (HMIS rating 0-0-0) gives water-based cleaning agents the performance of solvent-based cleaners. ZESTRON's state-of-the-art Application Technology Centers enable us to tailor our products specifically to your process requirements and provide the technical know-how for timely product quality assessments.

You can test all ZESTRON products free of charge at our three Technical Centers in Europe, America or Asia.

The Technical Centers with more than 35 cleaning machines from leading system manufacturers, offer you the opportunity to carry out free product trials in all types of systems.

Three main cleaning product groups currently are available:

Product name


Cleaning technology

Vigon - PCB cleaning chemistries

waterbased, surfactant-free

MPC® Technology

Zestron cleaning chemistries

water-free, solvent-based

Modern Solvents

Atron cleaning chemistries


FAST® Technology

ZESTRON Services and Analytical Accessories

At ZESTRON's Analytical Center, you have the opportunity to evaluate the substrate surface cleanliness according to latest industry standards including IPC, MIL or J-STD employing a variety of test techniques.

Moreover, you'll also be provided with a comprehensive technical report providing detailed analyses of tests performed.  Wash bath quality can also be analyzed confirming specified concentration and effectiveness.

In addition, ZESTRON also provides tools/accessories that could be used to measure actual concentration of cleaning agents independent of dissolved contamination.  These tools includes manual methods using Bath Analyzers and automatic methods using the ZESTRON® EYE.

ZESTRON Corporation Postings
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ZESTRON® EYE Automatic Concentration Management System

Incorporating the ZESTRON® EYE's 3P-Technology, the ZESTRON® EYE CM monitors and controls wash bath concentration in real time. This stand alone concentration management system easily integrates with batch and inline c...

Cleaning Agents

ZESTRON® EYE Automatic Concentration Management System
ZESTRON® EYE Automated Concentration Measurement System

The World’s First Automated Concentration Measurement System For Electronics Cleaning Processes The ZESTRON® EYE consists of a sensor and a controller that can be fully integrated with commonly used cleaning machine types and...

Cleaning Agents

ZESTRON® EYE Automated Concentration Measurement System
HYDRON® SE 220 True pH Neutral Defluxing for Semiconductor Electronics

pH neutral cleaning agent for semiconductor applications. HYDRON® SE 220 is a water-based, single-phase cleaning agent specifically developed for use in immersion and ultrasonic processes. HYDRON® SE 220 removes flux residues f...

Cleaning Agents

HYDRON® SE 220 True pH Neutral Defluxing for Semiconductor Electronics
HYDRON® WS 325 - Cleaning and Defluxing Agent

HYDRON® WS 325 is a FAST® Technology based cleaning agent specifically designed to remove water-soluble (OA) flux residues from electronic assemblies.  Applied at low concentrations, the cleaning agent has been specifica...

Cleaning Agents

HYDRON® WS 325 - Cleaning and Defluxing Agent
HYDRON® WS 400 - Aqueous-based Cleaning Medium for Defluxing

HYDRON® WS 400, based on the FAST® Technology, is an aqueous based cleaning agent specifically designed to remove water-soluble (OA) flux residues from electronic assemblies and is compatible with sensitive metals. Applied at low concentra...

Cleaning Agents

HYDRON® WS 400 - Aqueous-based Cleaning Medium for Defluxing
VIGON® N 600 – PH-Neutral Defluxing Agent

Water-based, pH-neutral defluxing agent Based on the MPC® Technology, ZESTRON’s latest pH-neutral cleaning agent has been specifically developed for use at low operating concentrations in spray-in-air inline and batch cle...

Cleaning Agents

VIGON® N 600 – PH-Neutral Defluxing Agent
VIGON® PE 180 True pH Neutral Defluxing for Power Electronics

pH Neutral Cleaning Agent for Power Electronic Applications. VIGON® PE 180, based on the MPC® Technology (Micro Phase Cleaning), is a water-based, pH neutral cleaning agent specifically developed for the use in s...

Cleaning Agents

VIGON® PE 180 True pH Neutral Defluxing for Power Electronics
VIGON® A 250 - Water Based PCB Defluxing Agent

PCB Cleaning Medium with a Mild Formulation Especially for Sensitive Metal Alloys VIGON A 250 is a water-based MPC® cleaning agent designed to remove flux residues and solder pastes from electronic assemblies. Due to its mild f...

Cleaning Agents

VIGON® A 250 - Water Based PCB Defluxing Agent
VIGON® US - Flux Removal Agent for PCB's

VIGON US is a water-based medium specifically developed for the use in ultrasonic, spray-under-immersion and centrifugal cleaning equipment. Based on MPC Technology, VIGON US removes all types of flux residues from electronic assemblies, cerami...

Cleaning Agents

VIGON® US - Flux Removal Agent for PCB's
VIGON® RC 101 - Cleaning Agent

Water-based Cleaning Medium for Reflow and Wave Solder Equipment. Based on the MPC® Technology, VIGON® RC 101 was specifically developed to remove all types of baked-on flux residues from reflow and wave solder equipment. I...

Cleaning Agents

VIGON® RC 101 - Cleaning Agent
ATRON® AC 207 Defluxing Agent

ATRON® AC 207 is a FAST® Technology-based cleaning agent specifically designed to operate at low concentration levels. The product was developed to improve the cleaning performance and bath life of traditional surfactan...

Cleaning Agents

ATRON® AC 207 Defluxing Agent
Maintenance Cleaning Solutions

As part of a maintenance cleaning program, the most prevalent types of contamination, such as burnt-in fluxes and condensed gas emissions from the soldering process, must be removed to ensure a reliable and fai...

Cleaning Agents

Maintenance Cleaning Solutions
Stencil Cleaning Solutions

Stencil / Screen / Misprint Cleaning Solder pastes, SMT adhesives as well as thick film pastes, which are most commonly used during the assembly process, are typically applied via screens and stencils. Residues that are left behind...

Cleaning Agents

Stencil Cleaning Solutions
PCB Cleaning Agents

Novel, innovative aqueous, semi-aqueous as well as solvent-based cleaning agents for printed circuit board defluxing processes are able to effectively remove all types of flux residues, ranging from RMA and OA to newly develope...

Cleaning Agents

PCB Cleaning Agents
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ph Neutral Cleaning Agents - Market Expectation & Field Performance

Feb 25, 2016 | Umut Tosun, Jigar Patel, Kalyan Nukula, Fernando Gazcon, ZESTRON America

With regard to precision cleaning applications within electronics manufacturing, pH neutral product development was a major breakthrough in recent years. The impetus for this development resulted from changes with regard to solder paste formulations and resulting assembly processes.

The greater use of lead-free solder paste and the required higher reflow profiles have resulted in even more difficult to remove burnt-in flux residues. Coupled with increases in component density, larger component packages, higher lead counts, finer lead spacing, and lower standoff distances, effective cleaning is greatly challenged. The aqueous alkaline based cleaning agents can effectively remove these flux residues, however, the process often requires an increase in wash temperature and exposure time, chemical concentration, and mechanical energy. Although an efficient and effective cleaning process can be developed, oftentimes, the required operating parameters present a new set of challenges with regard to material compatibility.

Since their introduction, the newly developed pH neutral formulations have proven to be capable not only of removing these difficult post reflow residues from complex board geometries, but do so without affecting material compatibility of sensitive components. Additionally, they perform at low concentration levels. This study reviews the performance of pH neutral cleaning agents as compared to alkaline cleaning agent alternatives and includes field data demonstrating their effectiveness with regard to material compatibility and cleaning performance....

Back to Basics – Why Clean?

Jun 28, 2011 | ZESTRON

ZESTRON America’s spring edition of ZESTRON News goes back to basics providing the latest information on the topics of cleaning in the electronics manufacturing industry....

Why Switch From Pure DI-Water to Chemistry

Dec 22, 2009 | Dr. Harald Wack, Umut Tosun, M.S.Chem.Eng., Dr. Joachim Becht, Dr. Helmut Schweigart

While most cleaning applications in the North American market rely on cleaning with DI-water only, for removing OA fluxes in first place, recent market studies show that water has reached its limitations in cleaning performance while favoring usage of aqueous processes. The term aqueous implies the use of aqueous-based chemistries with active ingredients and are usually diluted with DI-water. The nature of these active ingredients in the aqueous chemistries varies between manufacturer and his R&D knowledge. ...

Fluid Flow Mechanics Key To Low Standoff Cleaning

Sep 18, 2009 | Harald Wack, Ph.D., Umut Tosun, Naveen Ravindran, Sylvain Chamousset, Joachim Becht, Ph.D.; ZESTRON, Steve Stach, Austin American Technology Corp.

In recent years, various studies have been issued on cleaning under low standoff components; most however, with incomplete information. It is essential to revisit and describe the latest challenges in the market, identifying obvious gaps in available information. Such information is crucial for potential and existing users to fully address the cleanliness levels under their respective components. With the emergence of lead-free soldering and even smaller components, new challenges have arisen including cleaning in gaps of less than 1-mil....

Thermal Residue Fingerprinting: A Revolutionary Approach to Develop a Selective Cleaning Solution

Jul 01, 2009 | Steve Stach, Austin American Technology Harald Wack, Ph.D., Umut Tosun, Naveen Ravindran, ZESTRON America, John M. Radman, Daniel D. Phillips, Trace Laboratories East

During the last 5 years, the processes to remove flux residues especially for lead-free and challenging geometries have demonstrated new cleaning obstacles which have to be overcome.i A new methodology has been recently developed to further increase the propensity for successful cleaning.ii At the core of this method is the thermal identification of the residue matrix. Thermal energy changes the physical state, i.e. transitions between liquid, solid and gas phases. By taking advantage of such specific information during phase transitions, the cleaning process can be tailored to such settings, which in turn increases the cleaning success significantly....

Cleaning High-power Electronics

Jan 06, 2009 | Steve Stach, Austin America; Harald Wack, Ph.D., Naveen Ravindran, Zestron America; Joachim Becht, Zestron Europe

To prevent malfunctions in high-power electronics, flux residues must be removed from flip chip components prior to subsequent processes. As a result, integrating a suitable cleaning application into the manufacturing process of flip chip components is often required. Solvent based applications have re-emerged, and with that, an overall process solution is necessary....

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ZESTRON Academy to Host FREE Why Clean PCBs Webinar

Feb 28, 2017 | ZESTRON is pleased to announce that it will host “Why Clean PCBs” on Thursday, March 23rd, from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM EDT. This is the first installment of ZESTRON Academy’s 2017 Cleaning Webinar Series, and will be presented by our Application Technology Manager, Umut Tosun, M.S.Ch.E.

ZESTRON Americas Introduces Jose Luis Hernandez, New Application Engineer

Feb 20, 2017 | ZESTRON is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Jose Luis Hernandez as a new application engineer for North Mexico.

Mr. Jose Luis Hernandez.
ZESTRON to Introduce New Semiconductor Defluxing Agent at APEX

Feb 09, 2017 | ZESTRON will be introducing our latest semiconductor defluxing agent, HYDRON® SE 230A, at IPC APEX 2017.

Ravi Parthasarathy to Present at IPC APEX 2017

Feb 02, 2017 | ZESTRON is pleased to announce that Ravi Parthasarathy will present “SIR Test Vehicles Comparison from a Cleaning Perspective” during the “S20: Cleanliness/Reliability I” session on Wednesday, February 15th, from 1:30 to 3:00PM.

Umut Tosun to Instruct Professional Development Course at IPC APEX 2017

Feb 01, 2017 | ZESTRON is pleased to announce that Umut Tosun will instruct a professional development course at IPC APEX 2017. “Electronic Assembly Reliability – Meeting the Challenges of Today’s Design” is scheduled to be held during the “PD27: Cleaning Electronic Assemblies: Process, Materials, Analytics” session on Thursday, February 16th from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

ZESTRON Academy Releases 2017 Webinar Schedule

Jan 24, 2017 | ZESTRON Academy is pleased to release the 2017 Cleaning Webinar Series schedule.

ZESTRON Introduces New PCB and Power Electronics Defluxing Agent

Jan 19, 2017 | ZESTRON will be introducing our latest PCB and power electronics defluxing agent, VIGON® PE 190A, at IPC APEX 2017.

ZESTRON to Feature Latest pH Neutral Defluxing Agent at APEX

Jan 18, 2017 | ZESTRON is pleased to announce that the latest addition to our pH neutral product family, VIGON® N 680, will be featured at ZESTRON’s booth this year at APEX.

ZESTRON Announces Sal Sparacino as Sales and Marketing Manager

Jan 10, 2017 | ZESTRON is pleased to announce Sal Sparacino has been appointed as Sales and Marketing Manager of ZESTRON Americas.

Axel Vargas to Present at SMTA Tampa Bay Chapter Meeting

Dec 05, 2016 | ZESTRON is pleased to announce that Axel Vargas, Sales Engineer, ZESTRON Americas, will present “pH Neutral vs Alkaline Cleaning Agents” at the SMTA Tampa Bay chapter meeting on December 8th.

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