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PCBVac(TM) A Shop Vac for Your PCB

PCBVac(TM) A Shop Vac for Your PCB

PCBVac(TM) A Shop Vac for Your PCB


PCBVac(TM) A Shop Vac for Your PCB


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BEST offers professional rework, repair and prototype builds of PCBs. Our experienced instructors teach professional soldering classes as we are an IPC certified training center.

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PCBVac(TM) A Shop Vac for Your PCB Description:

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PCBVac Cleans Flux and Other Residue

The PCBVac(TM) is the only tool you will need to get rid of BOTH dry and wet media from a PCB. It is like a shop vac for your PCB repair needs.

The PCBVac™ is the solution for your PCB rework and repair area for cleaning off debris-whether they be dry or wet. It is designed -to quickly and cleanly pull unwanted foreign matter off of the PCB. Simply plug the tool into dry, filtered air, turn the power switch on and begin using the handpiece to controllably vacuum up debris. Solids such as scraped off solder mask, conformal coatings and other dry debris can be “vacuumed” off the surface of the PCB. Liquids such as cleaning solutions, fluxes and heated, molten solder can be excavated from the location to clear out plated throughholes. The convenient nozzles on the hand tool can be modified such that both large and small areas can be cleaned. Since the device is very simple, expect a long operational life

Traditional kim wipes and cleaning solvents are in many cases wiping the residues and mess around the PCB instead of getting it up off the board. One of the other shortcomings of using a wipe is that it does not allow you to get the residues underneath components. In addition, these wipe systems in many cases “smear” the residue around the PCB instead of absorbing it. Other traditional cleaning methods use expensive, consumable chemicals in order to clean off various fluxes and residues from the PCB. Brushes and cleaning solutions cause static generation and the “pushing” of debris everywhere on the PCB. Finally, the use of ionized blow off systems are very loud and push the soils everywhere-including the components on the board. However , the PCBVac™ overcomes some of the problems associated with other methods that you may have tried to use to clean up surfaces on your PCBs

The BEST PCBVac™ comes with all of the tools you will need to make it useful right out of the box! Connected to the PCBVac™ enclosure is a 6ft flexible hose with a convenient quick connect air fitting which provides the connection to the incoming air line. A flexible 6ft hose connects the PCBVac™ to the hand piece. The handpiece is fitted with the heat resistant Teflon™ tips which can be cut to different sizes and therefore adjust the vacuum air flow rate. The tip size along with the manual control on the enclosure adjusts the vacuum pressure. The glass hand piece contains a gross filter that will entrap larger particles and solder. Finally the on/off switch allow the unit to still be connected and be ready at a moments’ notice without consuming compressed air when in the “Off” position.

BEST PCB repair kits and materials give you the tools you need for fast repair and modification of lands, traces, contact fingers, SMT pads, plated hole connections and PCB base board material. These materials, packaged together and designed by one of the premier PCB repair companies, BEST Inc., allow you to meet original PCB quality standards.

These are the most complete kits and repair materials for your printed circuit board repair needs and includes not only the material required for such repairs but also professional "how to" instructional videos. It's the total package. Each kit includes a selection of the materials you will need to make a certian repair whether that is throughhole, laminate, trace, pad or epoxy. Each kit also contains a variety of specialty tools which, are used by both BEST Inc professional repair technicians and as teaching aids for board level repair instructors. If you need to repair damaged circuit boards and do not require the kit then we have a side range of repair materials that you can buy singly.

View PCBVac(TM) A Shop Vac for Your PCB on BEST Inc. website

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