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TIC is the worldwide leader in wave solder process improvement. Founded in 1992, we are grateful for our premier industry position and continually growing customer base throughout the world.

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Pick and Place, Soldering, Service Provider, Training Provider

Proven products and high impact procedures for eliminating wave soldering defects and preventing their recurrence are provided directly to you.

Assisting engineers just like yourself in reaching your quality goals, you will benefit from our successful track record of quickly and significantly improving board quality and single-minded focus on wave soldering excellence.

The widely acclaimed Wave Solder Training Workshop and On-Site Expert Troubleshooting programs offer you immediate and enduring results.  Your defects are reduced and eliminated.  Your entire wave soldering team is empowered with unparalleled insights and proprietary techniques for daily process optimization and continuous improvement of your board quality.

You will be shown how to easily document your process and progress every step of the way.  This includes overcoming defects you may have all but given up on, like those caused by poor board design.

The award winning Wave Optimizer is the most advanced, easy-to-use, accurate, comprehensive, battle-proven and popular wave solder improvement tool.  It measures all aspects of your wave soldering process – flux application, temperatures and, most importantly, board-wave interaction – in a single pass through the wave machine.  All data is shown to you instantly on its one-of-a-kind display.

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Wave Solder Optimizer

Fed up with the high costs of wave solder defects? Companies just like yours have turned to a higher impact, more meaningful approach that directly measures the most critical event in wave soldering -how your boards travel through you...

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Wave Solder Optimizer
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