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P.O.D. Process Optimization Device - Measure machine Cp & Cpk Data

P.O.D. Process Optimization Device - Measure machine Cp & Cpk Data

P.O.D. Process Optimization Device - Measure machine Cp & Cpk Data


P.O.D. Process Optimization Device - Measure machine Cp & Cpk Data


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SMT Research Inc.

Pick and place nozzles and other parts for Fuji SMT machines and others, field service, and process optimization technology.

Lake Villa, Illinois, USA

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P.O.D. Process Optimization Device - Measure machine Cp & Cpk Data Description:

Measure machine Cp & Cpk data, analyze statistical placement accuracy, identify mechanical issues.

With the competitive environment facing our industry, the SMT machine replacement cycle has clearly slowed. Many companies want to keep their old equipment running as long as possible. The high cost of new equipment is often prohibitive.

Inevitably high hour machines will exhibit signs of wear. Machine placement accuracy, overall speed, and performance will degrade.


  • Programs must be “tweaked” because the machine will not place according to CAD data
  • Inability to shift product builds from one line to another
  • Excessive off pad and mispicked parts
  • High overall rejection rates

These issues are common to many circuit board assembly operations and can carry a high cost.

We at SMT Research are devoted to helping our customers eliminate these costs. With P.O.D. technology we can rectify machine performance issues quickly and efficiently. Rarely do machines need a lot of expensive parts and costly repairs. Most often, all that is needed are mechanical adjustments and statistical calibration using our P.O.D. This brings the capability back to new OEM specifications.

Introducing the Process Optimization Device: Our proprietary technology measures statistical machine data (Cp & Cpk) from component placements. This data is used for statistical calibration to increase a machines capability and accuracy. Data collection and statistical calibration can be performed on a variety of SMT equipment. This tool provides you the ability to sort data by many different combinations to help analyze your equipment, predict mechanical issues, and speed repairs.

Features and Advantages

  • MACHINE DIAGNOSIS - Sort statistical data in many different combinations using graphs, charts, or raw data. This allows you to effectively analyze equipment accuracy and isolate mechanical issues.
  • SPEED - Provides statistical results and machine offsets automatically. Manipulates data at the click of a mouse.
  • VERSATILITY - Templates can be designed for any type of SMT Equipment to generate offsets for mechanical placement accuracy.
  • REPORTING - Produce real time SPC data and easily import data into any statistical software package.
  • COMPONENTS - Use standard off the shelf components, including 0201’s.

By utilizing the P.O.D. Calibration Service the following benefits will be realized:

  • Reduction of defects, part waste, and scrap
  • Lower labor costs - less time repairing defects
  • Decrease in cycle time - greater throughput
  • Less “firefighting” as machine will be eliminated as a variable in the production process
  • Reduce product development time - just import data and run with no tweaking of programs
  • Increased machine capability - placements will be more accurate and the machine will run efficiently
  • Through our statistical reporting you will know and be able to prove the capability of your machines to both management and prospective customers
  • The production efficiency gained by using our service is considerable. Payback is usually measured in months, if not weeks.

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