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SM-150G/SM-155P Epoxy Adhesives

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Shenmao Technology Inc.

SHENMAO Technology, Inc. supplier of Pb/Pb-free Solder Pastes, Solder Wire, Solder Bar, Flux, BGA Sphere, Bumping Paste/Flux, PCB Plating Anode, PV Ribbon Electronics Assembly Materials, for over 44 years from 10 world locations.

TaoYuan County, Taiwan

Assembly, Component Packaging, Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Repair/Rework, Soldering

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SM-150G/SM-155P Epoxy Adhesives Description:

SM-150G and SM-155P are single component epoxy adhesive, specifically designed for the bonding of surface mount devices to PCB in the lead-free process. SM-150G is suitable for glue dot process and SM-155P is suitable for the printing machine process. SM-150G and SM-155P are also provided with well plastic shape, a powerful and stable adhesive strength for a variety of component parts.



Chemical Type



One component

Cure Type

Heat cure


Surface mount adhesive

Suitable Process

SM-150G : Glue dot process
SM-155P : Printing machine process

(Brookfield / 5.0rpm / 25℃ )

SM-150G:55,000 ± 10000 cps
SM-155P:35,000 ± 7000 cps

Thixotropy index

SM-150G:6.5 ± 1.0
SM-155P:5.0 ± 0.7

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