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Shenmao Technology Inc.

SHENMAO Technology, Inc. supplier of Pb/Pb-free Solder Pastes, Solder Wire, Solder Bar, Flux, BGA Sphere, Bumping Paste/Flux, PCB Plating Anode, PV Ribbon Electronics Assembly Materials, for over 44 years from 10 world locations.

TaoYuan County, Taiwan

Assembly, Component Packaging, Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Repair/Rework, Soldering

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BGA Solder Sphere is made from pure metals, to produce exact alloy compositions. We developed and produced under a strict research and quality control policy.

Our Solder Spheres for PBGA, CBGA, TBGA, CSP and Flip Chip applications are made by the UMT ( Ultra Micron Technology) to ensure spheres with accurate diameters, bright, shiny surface finishes; and high sphericity. We have own developed technology which reduces raw material cost, accordingly competitive price make users benefited. With our newest in-house production machine, we can comply with customer’s request of various sizes. BGA Sphere is available for customers' specifications.



Diameter Tolerance
0.76mm~0.50mm ±20um
0.45mm~0.10mm ±10um

* Please contact us for other diameter and any requirement.

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