Equipment Acquisition Resources Inc.

Precision grinding, slicing, lapping/polishing and dicing machines are an advanced technology of which we lead the world.

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

At E.A.R., our equipment systems are a cut above the rest, essential to the rigorous demands of superconductor fabrication. We offer specific performance warranties to O.E.M. specifications. We are the world's largest on-hand suppliers of double-sided lappers, polishers, grinders, dicing saws and slicers. Our 25,000 sq. ft. plant with clean room allows the ultimate in source inspection. With over 30 years of experience, our team is capable of any application solution. We have in stock exactly what you need. We're just 15 minutes west of O'Hare International Airport, so you can easily fly in to inspect our machinery.
PCB equipment

Electronics Equipment Consignment