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Real Time Process Control - FPC

Real Time Process Control - FPC

Real Time Process Control - FPC


Real Time Process Control - FPC



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A Manufacturer of High Quality, Precision, Automated Fluid Dispensing and Conformal Coating Systems,SMT Cover Tape Peel Tester and Lead Forming machines for through-hole component preparation.

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Time Pressure with Real Time Process Control FPC

Real Time Process Control - FPC Description:

Real Time Process Control - FPC

Runs your pump at optimal levels at all times instead of starving or drowning it with inadequate or excessive fluid flow from the reservoir

Real Time Process Control (FPC) is a breakthrough in uniform fluid dispensing. FPC ensures a constant supply of fluid is always available to the pump regardless of reservoir size or fluid level. FPC monitors the pressure of fluid entering the dispense pump and makes adjustments to the reservoir feed pressure, resulting in a consistent feed to the dispense pump.

Common issues encountered when dispensing fluids is that natural variation occurs when constant air pressure is applied to a syringe. The variations primarily originate with syringe fluid level and stiction (static friction) of the stopper and syringe wall. When FPC is applied, results improve.

Fluid Pressure Control (FPC) is a real time dispense compensation system that maintains a consistent fluid pressure to the inlet of the pump regardless of fluid levels and pressure in the reservoir. Dispense compensation happens during the process, not only at calibration.

FPC is available to interface with a variety of dispense pumps based on a material feed or time and pressure. It can be seamlessly integrated with existing GPD Global dispense platforms or, with an offline controller, it can easily interface with your dispense system or control system for operation and messaging. Contact GPD Global +1(970)-245-0408 for more details.

FPC *patent pending

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