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JX-100 LED Compact LED Assembly

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Juki Automation Systems

Juki is one of the worlds leading SMT placement companies with over 25000 machines installed worldwide and is the pioneer of the modular automated assembly line.

Morrisville , North Carolina, USA

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JX-100 LED Compact LED Assembly Description:

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JX-100 LED Compact LED Assembly

Compact High Speed Mounter for LED placement at low cost.

Compact but with 800×360 mm long board size capacity, the JX-100 LED is a low cost placement solution for notebook PCs, LCD monitors, and a wide variety of lighting equipment.

  • Superior Flexibility
  • High Speed Installation Functionality
  • Compact and Less Weight
  • Superior Versatility
  • User Friendly
Long Board Option
By applying the board twice, the mounter is applicable to long boards of up to a maximum of 800 mm x 360 mm, achieving a low-cost solution for LED chip installation for such fast-growing markets as laptop computers, LCD backlights and lighting equipment.
Nozzles for LED components
JUKI offers a variety of nozzles for the assembly of LED components.

Placement head
multi-nozzle laser head (6 nozzles)

Placement rate (max.)
19,300 cph laser centering (optimum)
15,300 cph laser centering (IPC 9850)

Component range
0201 to 33.5 x 33.5 mm

Component height (max.)
12 mm

Placement accuracy
±50 μm (Cpk ≥ 1) laser centering

Board dimension (max.)
800 x 360 mm

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