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Track, Trace and Control Solutions

Track, Trace and Control Solutions


Track, Trace and Control Solutions



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Cogiscan Inc.

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Cogiscan Inc.

Cogiscan provides factory-wide electronics manufacturing traceability (TTC), MSD control, component set up verification, PCB assembly error-proofing, components inventory management.

Bromont, Quebec, Canada

Inspection, Software Manufacturer

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Track, Trace and Control Solutions Description:

Patented and proven technology provides a modular and scalable TTC solution.

The Cogiscan suite of TTC – Track Trace Control – solutions includes world-class Material Control, Traceability and TTC Analytics to achieve significant improvements in visibility, quality and productivity. These are the most critical applications for electronics assembly because they deliver the greatest return on investment and provide a strong competitive edge to their users.

All Cogiscan TTC applications are built upon a robust data collection layer called TTC Middleware. It is the layer that connects the shop floor with various applications from different vendors. Due to its open architecture the real-time data can be shared to increase the value of enterprise systems such as PLM, MES, ERP and Business Analytics.

Our leadership in TTC technology enables us to form strong partnerships with leading industry equipment and software vendors. This means that you can count on a solution that will seamlessly integrate with your operations now and in the future. Our solutions solve today’s production challenges while setting a solid foundation for the factory of the future.

  • Material Control - Knowing that components represent the majority of the cost of a circuit board, effective Material Control becomes crucial for any manufacturer to stay competitive.
  • Traceability - Complete and accurate traceability has become mandatory to reduce the cost and liability issues associated with product warranty and recalls.
  • Analytics - An integrated system that monitors productivity across a manufacturer’s global operation is a game-changer in today’s competitive environment.
  • Connectivity - The Cogiscan TTC middleware collects real-time data from the shop floor to facilitate critical TTC applications.

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