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Tacky Solder Fluxes

Tacky Solder Fluxes

Tacky Solder Fluxes


Tacky Solder Fluxes


Solder Materials

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A leading global supplier of assembly materials to the electronic assembly, component and microelectronic marketplaces.

Itasca, Illinois, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Soldering

  • Phone +1 800.2.KESTER
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Tacky Solder Fluxes Description:

Kester Tacky Solder Fluxes (TSFs) are the industrial standard for Flip Chip and BGA Sphere Attach. With viscosities optimized for high speed application and holding of a chip or sphere in place prior to reflow, Kester TSF’s enable wide process windows for our users. Known for their active soldering, Kester TSF’s ensure good electrical connections on known good die and components.

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