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Manufacturer of compatible replacement parts of SMT, Through-hole & Wave soldering machines, namely Panasert, Dynapert, Universal, Sanyo, Fuji, Juki, Philips, Camalot, Nitto, Yamaha, Tenryu, Samsung, Quad, Electrovert, Soltec, Sensbey, Iemme, Koki, Yokota, Tamura, etc.Precision machining servicesBuy, sell, service & overhaul used SMT & Through-hole machines.Machinery & accessories for Electr

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Assembly, Screen Printing, Soldering

We are the largest manufacturer of compatible parts in Southeast Asia & widest range in the World. We seek agents & users Worldwide. SMT, Through-hole & Wave Soldering Machines parts. 5000+ items, Low prices, high reliability or money back guarantee. Selling all kinds of machinery, accessories, parts, components & services for electronic assembly industry.

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Compatible replacement parts

Panasert, Dynapert, Universal, Sanyo, Fuji, TDK, KME, Yamaha, Quad, Camalot, Juki, MPM, Minami, DEK, Samsung, Tenryu, Nitto, Electrovert, Sensbey, Soltec, Koki, Tamura, Yokota, Iemme, etc...

Used machines

SMT & Through-holes machines...

Precision machining services

Tooling, jigs & fixtures per your designs...

Machinery & accessories

All types for Electronic assembly factories...

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