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Reliability, Failure Analysis and Six Sigma

Date Posted:

March 14, 2002

Job Category:

Engineering Management Production Quality Control Research and Development Technical Support


Coral Springs, Florida, USA

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Summary of Qualifications:

�Hands on experience with various failure analysis and materials characterization techniques including scanning and transmission electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray analysis, mechanical testing with Instron and MTS machines
�Working knowledge of MUST II wetting balance system, DEK 265 and MPM3000 stencil printers, FUJI component placement machine, BTU systems convection reflow oven, Electrovert wave soldering machine, Cordax coordinate measuring machine and Dage lead pull testing machine
�Trained in Six Sigma quality control, reliability, DOE, SPC and SQC. Certified Motorola Blackbelt
�Well versed with software run in MS-DOS (Windows) and Macintosh, JMP, FORTRAN and BASIC on VAX cluster and IBM compatible machines
�Possess excellent communicative and report writing skills

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