Hands-On PLC Training Workshop



Tue, May 23 - Thu, May 25, 2017


Westport Gold Tower, Saint Louis, Missouri




Hands-On PLC Training Workshop (PLC: Programmable Logic Controllers). Start with basics move on to troubleshooting, then learn the foundations of good PLC programming while writing your first IEC-1131 compliant PLC program. (1.6 CEU)

Thousands to millions could be lost by one little PLC in an electrical panel that you never even knew existed. But most importantly, damage to machine and personnel could result from improper training and management of your company's PLCs. Our PLC training reduces those company risks for you.

You will receive extensive hands-on training with the lap top using RS Logix and your pick of the PLC5, or a SLC500 or a Micrologix PLC. Each individual is assigned a laptop and PLC to get hands-on experience all 3 days. Also every attendee goes home with thier own free PLC, training equipment and extra learning material for continueing education.

NEW: In addtion to all the above free extras, all attendees will recieve their own fully registered copy of our Koldwater RSLogix 5000 PAC training software for free!

If you would like to learn how to reduce downtime thru PLC training, please sign up immediately for our 3 day workshop in Saint Louis. (As there is limited seating and these fill up quickly.)

Please see...
http://www.bin95.com/St-Louis_PLC_Training.htm for information about our Saint Louis, MO seminar( Located in the Microsoft Building, Creve Coeur, Missouri, 63141)



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