IPC A610–Moving From Rev. “D” to Rev. “E”–How Will It Impact Me?



Wed, June 23, 2010


Webinar, Online, US, Illinois




BEST, Inc. has developed a 45 minute webinar that will discuss the numerous significant changes instituted by the recent revision “E” of the IPC A610. The nominal fee of $75.00 (compared to the IPC rate of $495.00) gives you access to the webinar, a summary of the slides, and a marked up IPC "D" document with outlined differences. BEST's IPC Master Instructor will discuss the changes from a common sense perspective, which will allow you to assess the impact these newly established requirements will have in your customer relationships. The webinar will cover changes to depanelization, board in board, package on package, flex attachment, hot tear and filet lifting. Other revisions include transformer and connector defects and the cutting of throughhole leads post soldering. IPC instructors (CITs), QC inspectors, QA/QC management, and SMT process engineers are strongly recommended to attend. There will be time to ask questions about Rev. “E” at the conclusion of the presentation. “We wanted to make sure the customer base was well aware of the impending changes to the IPCA610 document. This format is such that the major changes are highlighted and users from all over the world can join in and learn from each other by the questions being asked,” stated Katy Radcliff , product manager for Best, Inc. (847)-797-9250 About Business Electronics Soldering Technologies (BEST) Headquartered in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, Best is a supplier of PCB rework and repair services serving communications, computer, industrial, automotive, avionic and military accounts. In addition, BEST is a master IPC-certified training center certifying students and instructors in J-STD-001, IPC-610 and IPC 7711 and 7721 material. www.solder.net * * *



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  • IPC A610–Moving From Rev. “D” to Rev. “E”–How Will It Impact Me?
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