NEPCON and Smart Factory 1.0—The Future of Electronics Manufacturing




Thu, August 31, 2017


Rose Hall-3, 5F, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, China


Following the financial crisis, CT technologies, represented by internet, big data and cloud computing, infiltrated the real economy rapidly and Europe and the US embraced the value of advanced manufacturing.  This saw them put forward a series of measures and advance Industry 4.0, industrial internet and other new industrial revolution concepts in 2013.  During this time, Chinese manufacturing faced huge challenges and great opportunities. The China Science & Technology Automation Alliance introduced the concept of China Smart Factory 1.0 to strategically transform and upgrade China’s manufacturing industry in June 2012. China Smart Factory 1.0 is a localized version of German Industry 4.0. Over the years the alliance has carried out fruitful studies and implemented best practices in electronics manufacturing, food & beverage packaging, tobacco and other vertical industries.

Chinese electronics manufacturing has developed rapidly and most electronics producers have achieved high levels of automation.  Automation used to satisfy demand for single-variety and volume production. However, market demand has developed towards mass customization and a trend to use IT to connect all information islands, including separate production lines, has emerged. This supports flexible, intelligent production.

Together with Reed Exhibitions, the alliance will co-host a seminar titled NEPCON and Smart Factory 1.0- The Future of Electronic Manufacturing.  Authoritative industry experts will be invited to discuss how electronic manufacturing is developing towards smart factories.


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