IPC Technical Education - Best Practices in Design




Wed, July 26, 2017


La Quinta Inn and Suites, Chicago, Illinois


EMI Control: Grounding, Power Distribution, Board Stack-up and more.

Instructor: Rick Hartley

This workshop is all about up front design. Getting the design right will prevent having to throw costly band-aids on the product to stop the hemorrhaging of Electric and Magnetic Fields. The amount of money and time that can be saved by a company, by simply getting EMI under control at the design level, is absolutely staggering.

The knowledge gained from this workshop can significantly reduce product develop time and cost, as well as improve product performance. 

Design Challenges: Fine Pitch BGA Design; and Using Best Design Practices to Produce a More Manufacturable Board

Instructor: Susy Webb

This class is two-in-one! The first section of this course utilizes illustrations and real-world examples to explore the complexities of using Fine Pitch BGAs in designs. As the pitch gets smaller, signal integrity, EMI, placement, fanout, and routing all get more difficult. In this course, we will discuss ways to work with each of these difficulties and much more.

Occasionally, manufacturing people will say that a board they received is difficult to produce, has time consuming questions, has an incomplete package, or that there is a better way to do something to get optimal results. The second section of this class discusses best practices that, when incorporated by the designer, will help make fabrication and assembly easier and therefore lower the time and cost needed for a quality board.



Jun 04, 2018

Boston, Massachusetts

ITI and IPC Conference on Emerging & Critical Environmental Product Requirements

Nov 13, 2018

Schaumburg (Chicago), Illinois

IPC/SMTA High-Reliability Cleaning and Conformal Coating Conference

Jan 29, 2019

San Diego, California


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