About SMTnet's Personal Registration Process

We realize that people tend to be weary of giving out personal information on the Internet. Because SMTnet's Personal Registration process asks detailed questions, we have written this document to address some common concerns and explain why we ask each question and what we do with your answers.

Recent Changes

Registration Requirements

Cookie Requirement
April 29, 2004
SMTnet is requiring that all users that wish to use the advanced features of the site are registered and logged in. As of April 29th, 2004 SMTnet is requiring that cookies be enabled before users can register or log in. This change will allow SMTnet to be more secure.

Verified Email Address
March 1, 2004
SMTnet is requiring that all registered users have a verified email address on file with SMTnet in order to post content to the site. The only exception is in the forum where unregistered users will continue to be able to ask questions and provide responses. All new registrations will have a verified email address and when current registrants wish to post content to the site they will be asked to renew their registration and provide a verifiable email address.

This requirement has the following benefits to peer to peer communications on SMTnet:
1. Email addresses will not be "in the clear" in any SMTnet web page and will be inaccessible to email harvesting spiders. While the sophistication of email harvesters continues to grow we will make our best effort to limit their effectiveness at SMTnet.
2. This change will also prevent "spoofing" of email addresses used in peer to peer communications. In other words when a registered SMTnet user contacts you concerning a post that you have made you can be reasonably sure that the return email address is legitimate.

Benefits to Mart users
There have been several complaints about fraudulent claims made in the mart. Adding the requirement to verify an email address during registration renewal will make it more difficult for a fraudulent user to create an untainted profile. This will also create an additional resource for authorities to use to track down fraudulent users.

We are also removing webemail from the system used to initiate peer to peer communications. An email from a user to the poster of a mart ad will go to the poster's email address of choice. This system will also ensure that all users that initiate contact with a poster use a verified email address.

Why does SMTnet want me to register?
SMTnet's objective is to provide a fast and direct link between users and providers of products, services, information, and solutions. In keeping with this objective, we feel it is important that users, like you, receive the right information. Because we allow you to tell us your interests through the registration process, we can deliver only product and service information that applies to you. We understand that you do not want to view advertisements for products you are not interested in, and vendors do not want to deliver information to unqualified recipients. Therefore, SMTnet is only interested in delivering information to viewers that they have a specific need for.

Will I start receiving unsolicited email?
Although vendors will know the profile of users, your name, email address, and other information specific to you will be withheld from them. Any email you receive will be delivered to you by SMTnet via the Web site or through our SMT Express email newsletter.

The Personal Registration Process; How Personal Registration Data is Used

SMTnet Account Information

This information is necessary so that you can password protect your account information and claim your SMTnet email address.

The following fields are required in this section:

Administrative Contact Information
This information is solely for use by SMTnet and WILL NOT BE SOLD to advertisers. Your contact information allows us to provide you with technical support, should you encounter problems.

The following fields are required in this section:

Work Related Information

This information is used for its demographic value only. It is important to our advertisers to know what type of visitors we have. Although most of these questions are optional, they allow us to know exactly what sectors of the industry we are serving. This information will never be provided in conjunction with your contact information. It only serves to tell advertisers what kind of visitors we have, but not specifically who they are.

The following fields are required in this section:

Professional Interests and Personal Interests

These sections are entirely optional. After you have registered and posted to a part of the site, viewers of your posting will see a link to your SMTneter Profile page. This information can appear there, allowing you to share a little bit about yourself with your fellow SMTneters. We feel that this will help strengthen the sense of community at SMTnet. After filling out his section, you are able to decide which parts you want to display publicly. So, you can have the entire form filled in, but may choose only to share your first name and the trade association you belong to.

Relationship with SMTnet

These questions, which are also optional, help us understand how effective we are. Has our past advertising attracted new visitors? Are people telling their colleagues about us? Are we providing the most useful services we can?

There are no required fields in this section.