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Voids found

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Voids found | 2 March, 2006


We found voids on BGA. Understand IPC stated as long as not more than 25% should be fine. So, is there any standard stated how many voids in BGA can be allow. Appreciate your help......

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Voids found | 2 March, 2006

Voids in BGA most often are a process indicator, you know unless either they're huge or there's lots of them.

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Bob R.


Voids found | 2 March, 2006

I never understood the statement "process indicator". The 7095 committee used that wording but didn't explain it. Other than really unusual cases such as champagne voiding, BGA voids are not a reliability issue. A half dozen studies have come to the same conclusion and my company has done internal thermal cycling and vibration that showed the same thing. So if voids aren't a reliability risk, what are they indicating about my process? I set my process variables to reduce real defects: tombstoning, opens, overstressing parts, etc. Why shift my process and take a chance on creating a real defect just to get rid of a non-existent one?

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