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Manufacturing Area Lighting

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Manufacturing Area Lighting | 25 January, 2006

We are considering replacing the lighting used in our manufacturing area. This is the overhead lighting, not task lighting for workstations. Currently, we have long strips of fluorscent light pairs that are spaced about 20 feet apart. The ceiling is about 18 feet from the floor.

We'd like to: * Lower energy cost. * Increase the level of the light at the work area. * Lower maintenance. * Improve the color neutrality.

What should we be thinking about?

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Manufacturing Area Lighting | 26 January, 2006

Mercury vapors are pretty good. Also, if you can build n some day light diffusers for natural sun light to come in. It works pretty well. Use a diffuser as clear glass may cuase vision problem with equipment if under direct sun light. Been there.

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