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FUJI part data sharing

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FUJI part data sharing | 19 January, 2006

Does anyone know where we can find a FUJI IP3 or CP6 part data download site or link? Thanks in advance

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FUJI part data sharing | 23 January, 2006

what programming software are you using.

I switched to flexa and I got a file of part datas from the engineer, if you like I can forward them to you.


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FUJI part data sharing ( new parts only - BGA &CSP) | 23 January, 2006

I would like to say sharing new parts only, it seems that we have a little problem teaching new BGA's or CSP's with actual vision system (very time consumming). - see FUJI site for an add-on off line unit if needed ($$$...HIC!). Any better solution on board?

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FUJI part data sharing ( new parts only - BGA &CSP) | 24 January, 2006

what problems are you having,

does your machine software support BGA .

Are you downloading the Part Data sheet with all the dimensions , pitch etc.

If you want to tell me a BGA package that you are having problems with I will send you Part Data.

Have you asked your Fuji Reps. to assist you,


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FUJI part data sharing | 25 January, 2006

There is a manual available that deals with how to create part data files for connectors and BGA's. Contact Fuji America for this manual. REF-SMD3PD-1.1E. There may be a newer version available than the one I have listed. It is also available in PDF format. You could also either send the datasheet via email or the part to FAC so that they can use their VPD Plus unit to create and test the component. They also have an FIP3 on site if testing is required. The manual will tell you pretty much everything you need to know.

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FUJI part data sharing | 25 January, 2006

i have that manual in pdf.

If you want me to forward it on to you, email me.


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FUJI part data sharing | 1 February, 2006

I'm using Fuji Flexa with ip3 and cp65, can I get the parts data file? my mail is


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