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Solder Pot Temp fluctuating

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Solder Pot Temp fluctuating | 21 December, 2005

Hi all,

I have an Electrovert Econopak Plus wave solder machine.

Lately the solder pot temp has been fluctuating +/-10 degrees c. I have replaced the thermocouple as I suspected it to be faulty but the problem still exists.

I am confident that the Calibration of the POt temp is bang on also,

Any inputs, experiences shared are much appreciated.


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Solder Pot Temp fluctuating | 21 December, 2005

Hi AJ,

First, I am not intimately familiar with your wave, but I will share some experiences I have had with other products.

First, I would check to make sure that all of your heaters are working. Simply go to the electrical connections, remove power, disconnect each heater (I prefer one by one while checking) and measure continuity/resistance through each one. Find a known working one, write down the resistance, and check the rest. If any deviate more than about 10% from the known good heater, then you have a bad one. This can cause your issue, since the machine may have to compensate for a dead heater band.

If that does not work, then I would concentrate on any information for your PID settings. Sometimes, tightening up the variables when the heaters come on, or altering the percentages some will help, but this is only after a) I have found that someone was in there changing the initial values or 2) Using different wattage heater bands.

Hopefully, these will help you until someone with much more experience on your machine is able to offer a suggestion.


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Solder Pot Temp fluctuating | 21 December, 2005

Most likely the temp controller itself if all of the above mentioned are fine.

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Solder Pot Temp fluctuating | 21 December, 2005

The connections at the heaters are also a known problem area. You may need to put new connectors on the wires.


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