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SMD weights

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SMD weights | 6 December, 2005

Does anyone have a list of SMT components with their weights? For instance, a PLCC64 pin = X grams. I am not even sure if such information is really valid but it would be interesting to know when developing a reflow profile for convection ovens on a second pass through. I don't want parts falling off.

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SMD weights | 6 December, 2005

We thought Bob Willis posted something like that a few years ago, but can't find it [real quick. Maybe someone more patient can.] Anyway, a PLCC68 weighs 4.67gm.

On various PLCC size dropping or not: * upto 52 will stay put * 84 will drop

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SMD weights | 7 December, 2005

Hi Dave,

Is this possibly the thread you were searching for?

John, about halfway through the message (a lot to read, but very informative) there is a section of weights associated with common shape codes.



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