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Mydaya Camera issue

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Mydaya Camera issue | 26 November, 2005


I'm having a rough time with one of my Mydata cameras. Specifically, the X-wagon camera. I've got no video from it, no light from it, etc. I've checked all the connections, all seems fine, but it does not work. Does anyone know where there may be a fuse for this? It's been a few years since I've played on the Mydatas, so I'm trying to do a "Total Recall" right now, but drawing blanks.

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Mydaya Camera issue | 27 November, 2005


Scope the big ribbon cables on either side of the X-axis for cracks. They usually break where the clamp holds them on the X wagon. Also, all of your X camera stuff goes through the XWB board.Try swapping it if you have another.

I am not sure where it gets its connected to in the puter box. Call Mydata and ask them.

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Mydaya Camera issue | 29 November, 2005

Thanks dude. There was a broken wire in the big cable. You couldn't tell at a glance, but a very slight tug popped it out. I have it rewired and up and running now. Thanks again.

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