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Comet Philips machine error

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Comet Philips machine error | 15 November, 2005

Yesterday we powered a Philips Comet CSM112FV machine that we had and found some issues that I hope someone will be able to help us with: 1) After turning on the machine, the computer came on line and showed the initialization pattern and when the "Start Servo Card" moment arrives, it appears in the lower left square of the monitor a red flashing message "L013: 2nd limit over" after that the initialization process finish and I can go in to >>I/OPERATION ==> >1/RUNNING ==> but any command that I try gives an E100 error and in the left side of the monitor a square with: Conditions Initialized Waiting Emg stop (in red) org incmp (in red) Interlock (in red) data comp Use VackChk Use Aling C/T OFF Speed 100 2) In the rear HEAD there is a red LED "ON" that in the front head is not, this LED is located besides a second red LED that lights if I move the head by hand towards the center, this LED�s are facing to the center of the machine Please help me solve this problems.

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Comet Philips machine error | 16 November, 2005

I can't help you with most of that, but heres a starting point.

"L013: 2nd limit over" means that one of your axis is showing outside operating boundries, as in placement head is too far forward. Make sure all your devices are not pushed out to thier extreem.

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Comet Philips machine error | 18 November, 2005


I recently faced this problem at a customer though the machine was Topaz X but the problem was same. So I suggest you first check if the GOOD LED is ON on the Servo card down in the MCX box. Also check the same GOOD LED on the System board in the MCX box. If they're OK, these cards are OK.

Now just release all the emergency switches/covers and try to release the emergency. Then go at the back side and check the LED sequence on the connection board. It basically tells you the reason for the emergency. If it gives a logic to you, solve it. If not, I would first format the Flash Disc and reinstall the VIOS. I faced the same problem and the final solution was just formatting the Flash Disk and re-installing the software.

I assume that you've already tried what SuMoTe has mentioned - to move all axes to their mid positions.

Please make sure to do the system data back and database backup using the 6th Second menu.

Do write to me at if you need any further information.

Regards Vinit

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