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Machine capability studies

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Machine capability studies | 17 October, 2005

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to know if there is a requirement to carry out MSA/capability studies on SMT machines when you move a line. What paramaters do you concentrate on to check.

More importantly how is the MSA carried out

Cheers Crishan

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Machine capability studies | 18 October, 2005

these are two separate things, your MSA is measurement systems analysis, moving a machine won't change the way you measure your machines performance so you don't need to do MSA again. you should check machine capability once a machine is moved though, you should be able to do that through the machines calibration software e.g. PAM software on fuji's etc etc. basically it's worth checking the machine is still in calibration once moved, if your doing automotive work you'll need to inform your customer that you've moved the line and show proof that it's performing properly once moved. you will need to do a partial PPAP submission for an automotive customer

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