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Mydata technical support ?

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Mydata technical support ? | 7 October, 2005

I am curious to hear what kinds of experiences you Mydata users have had with Mydata technical support...


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Mydata technical support ? | 7 October, 2005

My experience with MYDATA has been good. Tech support has always answered my questions promptly and steered me in the right direction when I was at an impass. All in all the tech support department is great. Just my opinion and experiences. My current Mydata is a TP9-2U I am hopeful that we will purchase a TP11-UFP or maybe a MY12 in the ear future. Best regards, Jay Brower

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Mydata technical support ? | 7 October, 2005

In 5+ years that I have been dealing with Mydata tech support, I never had any bad experiences. Their techs are very knowledgable of the machines. They are always courteous and patient,and if the problem cannot be fixed over the phone they always get a service tech to your factory right away. The one negative I can say is that if their techs are all tied up,you can wait up to an hour for a return call.I avoid this by calling back myself in 10 minutes or so instead of waiting for them to call.Most of the time I do get right through though.

This part is for Jay, If my memeory serves me correct I believe mydata stopped making the tp 11's. You might be able to get a renewed one from them still. But anyways the company I work for has a tp11-ufp, a my12 and 2 of the new my12e machines. I would definately suggest getting a my12 or my12e depending on your company's budget.There is a good increase in production on a my12 versus a tp11. I would also suggest getting the agilis feeders, if you do a lot of part change overs. We do a lot of part of change overs and they do save a lot of time. Plus they also seem to work better with the hydra head in regard to picking up parts than the black magazines.

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