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Hybrid reflow profile

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Hybrid reflow profile | 1 October, 2005

Sorry theres a mistake on previous question. It should be lead free component termination but non lead free solder alloy Sn63/Pb37. The reflow profile i am using : Soaking temp. 120 to 160 deg C; time 90 to 120 sec. Peak temp. 215 to 225 deg C; time 60 to 90 sec. The question is there any metallic joint between the teminals of the component with the solder alloy. Please advice.

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Hybrid reflow profile | 3 October, 2005

Follow your component supplier recommendations.

For instance: Xilinx says their lead-free alloy for their BGA spheres is SnAgCu, and liquidous is 217*C and they want you to peak at 230 - 235*C for good wetting according to their reflow guidelines.

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