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OSP coatings

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OSP coatings | 7 September, 2005

Anyone know an osp coating supplier/manufacturer i can talk to, i know very little about them and might have an application for them. UK if possible.

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OSP coatings | 7 September, 2005

Contact Cookson Electronic, they can support you with OSP solutions (ENTEK---) new formulations for Lead Free apllication.

Regards GS --------- from a 2003 Cookson presentation:


Although Existing ENTEK� PLUS CU106A technology is successfully used in Pb free applications, an improved Pb free capable product would gain further market acceptance. Modify existing technology to be more thermally stable for typical Pb Free heat cycles while retaining existing application, handling, and reliability performance. Compare traditional ENTEK PLUS CU106A and newer PB Free OSP, ENTEK PLUS CU106A HT. Utilize Wetting Balance as a comparative tool, wavesoldering, SMT, solder spread and ICT for performance evaluation.

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OSP coatings | 8 September, 2005

Shikoku Glicoat SMD process is the market share leader for OSP in Japan and the Asian Rim.

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