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COB Costing

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COB Costing | 17 August, 2005

Does anyone familiar with COB process? I hv a PCBA product with one of the photodiode (size 26mmx1mm) which needs to be bonded directly on the pcb using COB technology. The wires that need to be bonded are 2, goldwires for about 100microAmp current. In addition, the base of the part needs to be conductively attached to a large base pad. We intend to do SMT first, then COB. As I'm not familiar with COB, normally how many chips are needed to get the COB process under control for the prototypes? Also, if I would like to sub-con this process, how much is the estimated cost? Hope there's a reply ASAP cos' my customer needs reply on the RFO soon. Thks

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