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Westek / ICOM Standardization Solution

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Westek / ICOM Standardization Solution | 29 July, 2005

Good day everyone,

I'm hoping that there are a few of the Westek Ionic Contamination Tester systems out there... I am in need of standardization solution for this unit and my current suppliers have dried up.

I was purchasing from Stoelting, #1-67473-005, but my recent inquiries have returned that this is no longer available.

According to the MSDS of the solution, it's a simple water and salt solution, 6ppm NaCl with purified water. Unless I'm mistaken, normal table salt is not going to be a good solution for this due to contaminents, etc...

Thanks in advance for any answers.

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Westek / ICOM Standardization Solution | 9 August, 2005

You should use deionized water and laboratory NaCl. Try a local college or high school for the NaCl. Otherwise, order it from a laboratory supply house [eg, Fisher Scientific, Spectrum Chemicals, etc].

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Westek / ICOM Standardization Solution | 9 August, 2005

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the suggestions. Those did cross our mind as an option, and kind of saving that for a last resort. We just hope we have enough left for them to do an analysis and come up with the right solution.

We may have found a supplier with Stoelting, but have yet to finalize any details. I will respond with our solution for future reference and searches of this fine forum. Thanks to all of you for the excellent reads!

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