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Powered Screwdrivers

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Powered Screwdrivers | 25 July, 2005


I know this is not exactly SMT related, but it's the right group to ask, but we need better powered screw drivers, as the electric ones we have the girls are having difficulty screwing in the plastic screws we use.

Can anyone recommend good screw drivers, and ones that automatically feed the screws. We want to spend the money to get the best we can, so we finally get a good solution.

What do people use do to automate screw insertion? I read some posts, but does anyone know of any good products.



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Powered Screwdrivers | 26 July, 2005

Hi Grant,

We used to use Quicher automatic screw feeders - that basically present the screw for pick up to the driver - they worked very well.

Let me know if you want any further info on this type of feeder as they may still be kicking around here somewhere.



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Powered Screwdrivers | 26 July, 2005

Grant---Contact the Pemserter folks---They have a system called "screwstick" (or "stick screw") which may work for your project. Good luck. Nick H.

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Kevin Nolan


Powered Screwdrivers | 27 July, 2005

Grant, My name is Kevin Nolan and I work for PennEngineering Fastening Technologies. Maker of Stickscrew and Stickscrew Installation Systems. If you would like to contact me at 800-523-5321 ext 1203 or I would gladly help you with any application where our products may fit your needs.

Regards, Kevin Nolan PFT Installation Systems Sales Specialist

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